10 Mobile Apps for Learning and Help with Coding Homework

If you are learning to code and are faced with some problems, then you have two choices. The first is to ask for help with coding homework on special service. There, experts with programming knowledge will quickly help you with assignments. The second way out is to use special applications that will help not only with homework but also with the study of coding in general.

We have collected relevant mobile applications for you to learn to code.

Encode: Learn to code

This Android application allows you to learn the basics of programming in Python, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The program contains many simple text lessons for beginners. A feature of the application is the offline mode, which allows you to learn programming without the Internet.

Grasshopper: Learn to code

It is another mobile application, but now for learning JavaScript programming, developed by Google. In 2018, Common Sense Education ranked Grasshopper as one of the top training programs.

The lessons are presented in an easy, playful way. The application is both for children and for those who first decided to start programming.


With Enki, you can learn not only programming but also Data Science, blockchain, cybersecurity, Git, Linux, and much more. This application has a lot of content in different directions. There are tutorials for both beginners and more experienced users.

Every day the program offers to go through a five-minute training to consolidate the information.

Codeacademy Go

It is a mobile app for aspiring programmers to learn web development, Data Science, SQL, Python, HTML & CSS, Java, and more. Codeacademy Go offers not only training in specific programming languages but also Skill Paths – roadmaps in several directions. Any lesson of the course can be taken at any time without going through the previous ones.


DataCamp is a website and mobile developer program focused on learning Data Science. With it, you will learn how data scientists collect information and then analyze and visualize it. Training takes place in three areas: Python, R, and SQL. There is a convenient code editor with auto-completion.

Programming Hero

It is a mobile application that allows you to learn to program in Python, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The program includes a Playground in which you can run any code. In addition to learning programming languages, the application contains courses on algorithms, databases, game development, web development, and more. As you learn, you will write a small game.

Dcoder, code compiler IDE

Dcoder is a mobile compiler app for programmers. The development environment supports more than 30 programming languages. Key features:

  • synchronization with GitHub and Bitbucket
  • syntax highlighting
  • work with entire projects from several files
  • debugging code
  • laconic design.

The application has a section with tasks that will help you improve your programming skill. In addition, there is a chat with other developers.


It is another platform with online courses that has a proprietary application for learning to program on Android. Everything is good here – there is a lot of information not only on the material under consideration but also in various other categories, a detailed description of the course, a feedback system, information about teachers, a simple design of the program itself.

Note that the courses here are of high quality because most of them are paid. But there are, of course, free options, although they may not include quite useful materials (tasks, articles). Programmers will be able to study various topics to the core, even narrowly focused ones: game development on the Unreal Engine 4 in C++, Android programming from scratch, web development, and so on.


The game with simple pixel graphics shows how robots, manipulators, and conveyor lines work together in production, thanks to programming. Everything is intuitive here: you need to select commands from the menu and build them in combination, and then test and see if the level task was completed.

The commands are quite trivial: “go forward,” “turn right,” “take,” and so on. But whether you will be able to build a logical sequence for completing the task is another question. And yes, the same commands are used for real robots, and they also come together to achieve goals.

The game has nice music and is available for free, but if you want to get rid of ads, then buy the premium version for only $1.

Code Miner

This game invites the user to program his or her miner robot in JavaScript. In the role of an engineer, you must solve a number of difficult problems, and for this, you will have to use your knowledge of this language and, if necessary, improve it.

In a playful way, you can learn various JavaScript topics and immediately put them into practice. The training videos clearly show how a miner robot works and what needs to be written to make it move. A simple code editor is built into the “Code Miner,” in fact, for programming. The disadvantage may not be the most pleasant music that you want to turn off as soon as possible.

We hope that these applications will be useful for you. They will make the learning process much easier and enjoyable. Good luck!