3 Best Online PDF Converters from PDF Bear to Organize Your PDFs

To convert some of your documents into PDF files effortlessly, you will need a tool that can efficiently assist you with that. And that you will need an online-based tool, PDF Bear. With the help of it, the process of converting your files is in a fast-paced and straightforward manner. That means you will not have a hard time doing the process because the PDF Bear has an easy and straightforward procedure and provides instructions for the users to avoid confusion. With that, here are some of the PDF Bear’s conversion tools you can use to convert your files.

Excel to PDF

The first free online PDF converter of this list is the Excel to PDF tool. This feature can support an XLS standard format as well as XLSX conversion to PDF. Either two file-extensions can be converted just the same speed and manner. With PDF Bear used to convert your Excel file to PDF file, it is easy for this software, and it can even do the process in mere seconds. That’s how quick PDF Bear works.


The good thing about PDF Bear is that it is a web-based software, and it is also free, so you will not have difficulty looking for the perfect tool to convert your files. The conversion process will surely satisfy you since it will create a high standard PDF file. So the final product that PDF Bear will produce will look pretty much the same as your excel file. Here’s how to convert Excel file using this tool:


  1. Upload to the server the Excel Spreadsheet you wish to convert into a PDF file.
  2. There will be available options you can choose from.
  3. Click the “Convert!” button and wait for PDF Bear to analyze your file and turn it to PDF.
  4. As easy as that, you can now share or download the finished product to your PC.


It is quite challenging to save and present files to other individuals; how much more is an HTML file? But worry no more because your HTML file will be converted to PDF in no time with this online conversion tool. If you convert it to PDF, you will not have to worry if other devices cannot read it. PDF Bear is also accessible to other platforms, even Mac, Linux, or Windows. If you are using either of these platforms, you will not worry if you need to convert your document instantly.


If you wish to convert your HTML file to a PDF format, you only have to paste the URL or HTML file to the server and perfectly convert your file. You will only perform two clicks, and it will convert immediately. The HTML to PDF conversion tool of this software will never jeopardize the quality of your file. That is why PDF Bear is a safe and trusted web-based tool.


PDF Bear can also amazingly do the JPG file conversion to PDF if you wish to convert your JPG file. It’s a fantastic thing to convert a JPG file or image to PDF so that no other people can instantly copy the file. It is also a convenient and handy conversion tool, and that it also allows you to convert multiple JPG files simultaneously. This tool will instantly convert it to PDFs, which will assist you perfectly with your problem. With a few clicks and waiting for converting the JPG, you are good to go.


With PDF Bear’s convenience, safe, and secure tools, you can entrust your files with them and use their conversion tool repeatedly. They can also do it vice versa. And not just that, they also have other superb features that you can use without spending money. You can merge, split, protect, and a lot more.