3 Things You Need To Follow To Get Targeted Votes for Contests

As a contestant you should know the ways to get votes for your contest entry. Right ways help you to win any online polls. Finding the right working ways is tricky job for sure. It requires a lot of tests and analyze. There are plenty of factors and methods out online to follow to get online votes. You have to start your own test process to find the most effective ways.

Key points to note when you join for contests:

  • Make sure the location allowed to get votes should be your top traffic having zone. Some contests allow contestants to gather votes from anywhere in the world. Such contests give full freedom to the contestants to get as many votes possible.
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before you join for contest.
  • As we know the contest admin use small font types in the rules area. So it is mandatory to read the rules fully before join for contests.
  • Read the reviews of contest admin on several online platforms to check their trust score.
  • Give your full support and efforts to the contest you join so you can ensure the victory.

Let’s look the top 3 things you need to follow to get targeted votes for contests.

1. Find and learn the right ways

If you join for the offline contest, you have to prepare many things. In these modern day people love to conduct contests online only.  So there are plenty of ways available to take action. At first start to search for contest case studies. Make a list of case studies link in a excel sheet. Read daily 3 to 5 case studies to find the methods to follow for your contest.

When you complete reading 10 plus case studies thoroughly, you can get some idea to start for sure. Join for small competition having contests. Test your method one by one. Eliminate the methods which not work well from your list. Create a new list filled with right working methods. It’s time to join for medium competition having contests. If your methods help to win medium competition contests, scale your process to win bigger contests.

Bonus tip: To find the case studies use YouTube, online forums and niche related blogs.

2. Established fan pages:

What is called an established fan page? The answer is: the social media page which has thousands of targeted fans and followers may call as established fan page. When you have such fan page you can get thousands of votes for your contests. To create an established fan page you have to post quality content on your page regularly. Recent studies prove that, when a person post quality niche related contents on a fan page continuously over 2 years, his fan page surly will fill with 1000’s of followers.

For people who have no established fan page, we have alternative ideas to follow. Yes! You can hire media influencers to advertise your contest link. Create a list for niche targeted influencers and pitch them smart offers to advertise your contest link. Take permission from them and start getting votes swiftly among your competitors to win prizes.

3. External sources to get Fast Votes

We found two external sources help you to get votes fast for any contest. The first source is ‘vote for vote’ sites. Here you can vote for any other contestant and share your contest link to request votes from others. 45% of contestants use the free vote for vote sites to get votes for contests.

The second powerful source is voting agencies. They have real power to battle against your competitors to win contests. Send your contest details with them to get analyzed for your contest. Once they complete the analyze process, they will give you quotations for vote packages.

Choose the packages you want to get fast votes for your contest. You have to communicate with multiple voting agencies to know who is offering the best service you need. Most of the voting agencies provide free test votes to check the vote quality. So you can test their service quality before you hire them. Paypal is the perfect gateway to process your payment for this service. If you want more security, you can use sites like freelancer or fiverr.

Follow these top 3 strategies and get votes fast for contests!