3 Verified Tips to Win in Solitaire Game

Classic Solitaire is one of the oldest and most popular games that everyone enjoys. It continues to challenge players with its multiple faces and methods of achieving the set goal. Even though it seems that everyone can play Solitaire and win, there are some secrets behind successful completion.

Also, as in any card games, users always need a bit of luck. Many of those who spend time with free Solitaire can easily notice that not all the layouts are solvable. However, there are different techniques that might take place to improve your performance in Solitaire card games. This article will tell you about three of them.

Strategies to Win in Solitaire

We did thorough research to identify which are the strategies used by successful players. The verdict is, winning in Solitaire is not rocket science if you pay attention to the following clues:


Never empty a spot if you don’t have a King to fill it


One of the basic rules of Solitaire is that empty spots can be filled with Kings only. But, many players hurry on emptying a spot on the tableau without having any Kings available. This is a rookie mistake as they might miss other opportunities in their hurry to free the pile. What could you do instead? You should better keep the spot occupied with one card and play until you are lucky to have a King to place there.

Don’t shuffle cards if you don’t have a solid reason to do it



When they don’t have a clear strategy in their minds, many players shuffle the cards from one pile to another. By doing so, they risk locking some important cards behind the lower ones. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that you get to a point when in several moves, you’ll be put into a situation that is impossible to win.

On the contrary, the best strategy is to be patient and move a card only when you have a good reason to do it. For instance, if it reveals a new card which is useful to move forward, then you should do it. Transferring cards just to build up piles is never a winning approach.

Building ace stacks is not always a winning way

Even though this technique seems counterintuitive, we have a solid explanation to advise you to follow it. Solitaire’s key rule mentions that users should create Ace stacks to win. However, if you hurry on building thosefinal piles, you might miss some important details. So, remember that once you move a card to the foundations, it cannot be taken back after to help you create other piles. If you would rather keep the cards on the main tableau, you could actually use them further.


Playing Solitaire online can be fun if you do it smartly and use these or other verified tips to finish all the winnable games with success. The golden rule that stays behind this game creates a good wordplay with one of its names and this is patience. Think about every move thoroughly, build your own strategies, and you’ll enjoy spending time with Solitaire games!