4 Helpful Dating Advice for today’s Generation

4 Helpful Dating Advice for today’s Generation

There is a long list of people who are struggling with the whole topic of dating. The challenge is that these numbers seem to grow each other day. Most people who are single have already received their fair share of dating problems. Therefore, you need some advice that can help you to run through this process smoothly.

There is an abundant supply of dating advice out there. The challenge is that only a small amount of it is helpful. Some of these tips are not bad, but you will not find them to be beneficial. Helpful dating advice will always have some action attached to it. You will get some things that you can do and benefit from the suggestions that they provide. Dating is a complicated process but below are some tips that can help the current generation. You can also get some useful advice on dating from various online sites like naughtydate dating.


  1.    Rethink Your List

Several individuals have created a physical or mental checklist of the qualities that they want in their spouse. The values that we find most important or uphold are the defining attributes of these traits. I have seen some people create a list that has 30 mandatory qualities that their future spouse must have.

However, you should remember that such a list reveals more about you than they do about another person. Therefore, whenever you are labelling someone or something, you will discover that you are just defining your character. Once you understand this concept, you will hold to your list loosely and write everything in pencil and not pen.

Therefore, you will be able to erase some things and write new ones depending on the circumstance. You will not get a person who matches your expectations 100%. You can easily miss a potential mate when you clutch to that stagnant and ironclad list. Your future spouse may be more dynamic and colourful than what you had on the list. Therefore, you should allow nature to modify, subtract, and add some attributes regularly.

  1. Often Clarify Meaning

When two individuals put different meanings on the same circumstance or event, there will be strive and communication in the relationship. For instance, you may ask a woman out for coffee instead of telling her that you will be going on a date. In your mind, you could be thinking about coffee-date but leave it unverbalised. The girl may end up getting mixed signals from you. Therefore, whenever you are slipping lattes together with your partner, you must deal with the awkward and unnecessary vagueness of attempting to guess the meaning of what the other person is trying to put across. You have to be open in each and everything that you are trying to put across.

Differences in meaning take place regularly even when dealing with a steady relationship. If the person I am dating would like me to meet her parents, I may think that the relationship is getting serious. However, she may look at it like any other fun date. Married couples also deal with miscommunication from time to time. Mixed meanings are present in all the aspects of boy-girl friendships like putting your hand on his hip, meeting siblings, or going on a road trip together. Therefore, always communicate the significance that you place on the communication especially when you feel like you are at the discrepancy in what you mean in that situation. Embracing such habits from the onset will produce healthy and honest relationships.

  1. Visit Spiritual Gyms Regularly

I can compare the kind of effort that you require to create a fantastic marriage to the work you will do to win the Super Bowl. Professional footballers dedicate countless hours in the fitness centre and endure several gruelling workouts in the regular season. The team members expect their discipline and hard work to pay off. In case the team wins the championship, you will expect the players to use certain words like preparation, sacrifice, and endurance in their post-game interviews.

On the same note, the time that you invest during your single years will become your regular season and an excellent training ground for your marriage. The marriage will always challenge your ego, pride, and selfishness. Therefore, you should not wait until the time you are dating before you begin to train yourself the principles of human-to-human relationships. You cannot experience such a transformation until you learn to sacrifice your selfishness for the sake of your relationship. Marriage is all about giving and taking, and you need to cultivate this culture from your courtship. A marriage that is healthy always thrives from the benefits of the spiritual fitness of the partners.

  1. Lead Your Heart and Don’t Allow it to Lead You

Human beings should learn to keep their heart with all the vigilance because the springs of life flow from it. However, this kind of statement does not imply that you avoid any form of physical contact or romantic relationship with the people of the opposite gender. However, following this advice will cushion you against unnecessary pain if the relationship breaks before marriage. Marriage councillors will often tell you that a broken engagement is less painful than a broken marriage. The primary way of using your heart to lead your relationship is to take it appropriately slowly. Deliberately take a slow approach whenever you are getting into a new relationship. The first thing is to minimize deep conversations and concentrate on mutual interests until there is a higher commitment. The second thing is to focus on the early stages of your relationship on fun through shared activities like concerts, playing board games, and jogging. The third advice for new dating couples is to put a moratorium on physical touch until you have confidence in the direction that the relationship is taking. Avoid enticing activities like kissing and holding of hands as they can become an equivalent to emotional Super Glue. Discuss honestly on how you will want to make smart choices about your physical relationships. These tips will help you throughout the dating process.