5 Best Linux Hosting Providers: Unbiased And Expert Reviews Of 2020

There is always an easy way to find the best Linux hosting provider with tons of selections out there. The trick is, checking for expert and unbiased reviews with updated product recommendations set you into the right path. However, how do you know what you are looking for when you don’t have a clear guide? 

Good news! We’ve got everything covered for you, from the benefits and features of choosing Linux hosting to why it’s gaining popularity and in between. This guide will serve as a portal that answers to the most frequently asked questions and reveals answers to issues you might encounter in the future. 

First, you need the right hosting provider that helps optimize management with complete ease of navigation. Then checking which features are essential should do the trick and help you easily decide. If you want a short cut to the hunt, find one that offers ease of use, 24/7 active support team, guaranteed uptime, bandwidth, storage space, database, email, address, and more. 

How To Find The Best Hosting Providers

Understanding what a feature about helps you decide whether this hosting provider is a perfect fit for your meticulous choice. Are you in search for a good Linux web host provider? Remember the features below will direct you to the right source. Thus it simplifies your life by making sure you are working with a highly efficient provider. 

Data Migration And Bandwidth

Data transfer and the amount of bandwidth affects the flow of information into your server. This includes downloading PDFs, music, and large-size videos. Find a plan with large or unlimited bandwidth. 

Disk Space

Unless you have a huge forum website or setting-up an e-commerce page, you won’t need unlimited storage. Most businesses and blogs can perfectly work with 1GB disk storage.

Performance And Speed

Speed affects your SEO ranking and page visitors’ experience especially if your website loads quickly. 

SSL Certificate

For security purposes, it’s essential to find a hosting service that provides free SSL certificates to protect your files and prevent stolen information. It’s also essential for SEO ranking. 

Server Uptime

Find hosting solutions that provide and guarantee 99.9% uptime to avoid downtimes. 

Server Location

To ensure performance and speed, find a hosting service that has local getaways near your location. On the contrary, hosting services that provide CDNs are great options. 

Support Team

With all the above features, it’s essential to find a hosting service that has a 24/7 active support team. It’s a total life-saver. 

Top 5 Best Hosting Providers 

Below are the most reliable and provide great hosting services that won’t cost a fortune. 

  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • A2 Hosting
  • InMotion Hosting
  • DreamHost

Linux Hosting Advantages

Linux hosting is the most affordable type of hosting solution which provides optimized security and prevents site hackers from obtaining sensitive data. Other benefits include the following:

  • With an updated server, Linux provides reliable security. 
  • Easy site migration due to site platform and cPanel compatibility. 
  • Affordable pricing and at times free hosting service.
  • Standard hosting service for general use. 

Why Choose Linux Hosting

Linux redefines the type of hosting service, there are plenty of reasons why it’s getting popular not just for companies but also with expert technical support’s proficiency with the latest updates and innovations. 

  1. It’s affordable and oftentimes you can acquire it for free.
  2. It allows easy customization. 
  3. A robust hosting system. 
  4. It enables a quick upgrade when hosting needs increase. 
  5. With a large number of supporters and users. 6. Older servers compatibility. 
  6. Prevents accidental reconfiguration of OS with control panels and cPanel for security. 


With all the advantages it proposes, no wonder Linux hosting is the market’s chief hosting solution. With adaptability, security, ease of use, affordability, and complete customization with guaranteed protection of all your files and database, it surely is a great starting point. Checking for the best provider is easier knowing what you should be looking for. Together with the advantages alongside its features.