5 proven ways to reduce your screen time!

Worried about the time you spend on your phone/laptop? Keep reading to find out ways to reduce your screen time.

As advanced as the world has become, everything is done through the means of technology. We have tiny little gadgets in our hands that do everything for us. Cellphones. They can accomplish anything with one simple tap of a finger and that can get quite addictive. Because that is very easy. However, too much of anything is not good.

Using something excessively turns into an addiction. Any form of addiction is harmful. Because we rely so much on our cellphones, it is relatively easy to get hooked and do everything on instead of being practical.

Constant cellphone use can cause headaches, decreased attention to everything around you. It can even cause sleep disorders and depression. The more we use our phones, the less we communicate with actual human beings. The lack of human contact only forces us to dwell deeper into phone communication. It takes a real strain on your mental health.

So how can you actually reduce your screen time?

There are plenty of things to do to ensure you aren’t focusing solely on your phone for stimulation. After all, people did use to go out and do things long before cellphones were ever invented.

You can keep yourself busy doing other things. A lot of the things we do with our cellphones we do because we convince ourselves that it is necessary – like going to the bathroom with it to kill time. Having it on you while at the dinner table. In social interactions, to the point, it starts getting anxious when we don’t have it because we consider it a way out.

Here is a list of things you can do to reduce screen time:

For starters, time your screen usage.

If you love being on social media or use your phone for work-related purposes, start off with this.

Put a time limit on how much time you are going to give to each application every day. As important as it may be to check social media like Facebook and Instagram, they can be huge time-wasters in your day to day life.

Once you start timing your usage, you can then start to reduce that time eventually once you get the hang of it. Similarly, don’t check your work emails from home. Constantly checking for work-related things increases your screen time and also stress.

Now, moving on to actually reducing the screen-time – Invest your time in other activities, such as:


Start reading books. Books have been around for centuries. Develop a habit of reading. Start by picking up a book that interests you, a genre of your choice and read a page a day. Books have stories to keep you captivated.

They provide your mind the stimulation it needs along with the exercise and they are a good source of knowledge, minus the side effects of cellphones.

Diamond Art and Painting:

Art with diamonds has always been a way for people to get away from the daily conundrum of their lives and finally get some alone time.

Art is self-expression, it allows you to visualize whatever it is that you feel. Particularly painting. Now, painting is hard to get a hold of at first if you are new to it. And you might feel the need to get back to your phone because it’s easier. Yet, there is a form of painting that is not as vigorous and doesn’t require constant practice.

Diamond Painting: Diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable DIY crafting project. Anybody can do it. It involves using brightly colored and diamond-shaped resins being stuck on a canvas to create beautiful images that shine brightly like a diamond in the reflection of light. The process itself is very involving as it requires all of your focus and attention.

You get a Diamond painting kit that comes with a color guide and your diamonds along with a faded outline of an image on the canvas. The kit also includes a pen-like tool to help you pick up the diamonds. And it comes with glue for you to be able to stick it on the diamonds.

You take help from the color guide to know exactly where to put the diamonds for the color to match. It is very immersive and comes with a feeling of accomplishment every time you finish a painting.


Reading books and writing go hand in hand. Time to go back to using paper instead of a screen. Start by writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper.

Pick a word every day and use it in a sentence. It will keep you distracted and your mind fresh as you would constantly have to think and put in the effort to bring it out on paper.

All these activities will definitely reduce your screen-time. Always remember – good things come to those who wait. Be patient.