5 Reasons to Wear a Night Guard

Do your jaw or head frequently hurt when you first wake up? If that’s the case, you might grind your teeth at night. This is a common problem that can lead to some serious dental issues if it’s not addressed.  A great way to prevent these problems is by wearing a night guard while you sleep. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why you should consider using a night guard!

1. Prevent TMJ dysfunction 

Wearing a night guard is an effective solution for getting relief from TMJ dysfunction. TMJ disorder itself is caused by the improper functioning of facial muscles and can lead to pain near the jawbone area. 

Wearing a custom-made night guard helps in balancing the force that is put on your teeth while grinding and clenching at night. It also helps in preventing any permanent damage to the facial muscles, teeth and jawbone. 

Using a night guard is one of the most effective treatments for decreasing pain associated with TMJ disorder. 

If you’re looking to get relief from this condition without having to undergo complex treatments or surgeries, then wearing a night guard would be your ideal choice!

2. Prevent damage to your teeth

Wearing a night guard is a simple but effective way to protect your teeth from potential damage and preserve your pearly whites for years to come. 

For those who grind their teeth in their sleep, night guards provide a barrier between the upper and lower rows of teeth, effectively reducing contact and preventing wear and tear on the enamel. 

When it comes to dental health, prevention is key! In addition to night guards, retainers can also be worn at night to maintain correct alignment after active orthodontic treatment. 

Unlike a night guard (which helps prevent tooth damage due to teeth grinding) a retainer holds the teeth in place after braces have been removed by applying gentle pressure at areas of the mouth that require adjustment. 

Both tools are helpful for achieving good oral hygiene, so it’s wise to learn more about both options by visiting JS Dental Lab if you think you might benefit from either one. 

3. Reduce headaches and jaw pain

Wearing a night guard while sleeping can be beneficial for those suffering from morning headaches and jaw pain. This happens because when we bite down during the day, it steadies our joints, muscles and nerves in a certain alignment. 

But when we sleep in certain positions at night, the alignment is thrown off, and that can lead to tension in our face and head. The night guard helps keep your mouth in an optimal position, which relieves pressure on these uneasy spots, preventing headaches and jaw pain when you wake up. 

You don’t need to take medication or subject yourself to any painful treatments. Simply using a night guard is enough to begin enjoying the restful sleep you deserve —with zero morning headaches or discomforts!

4. Prevent snoring 

Wearing a night guard can be an effective way to dramatically reduce or even prevent snoring. This is because night guards gently hold the lower jaw in place, ensuring that the airways are kept open so that air can flow freely and silently. 

Night guards also ensure that the tongue does not fall back into the throat, another common cause of snoring. They are incredibly comfortable and adjustable, making them simple to use —simply wear at bedtime and sleep better! 

With regular use, you’ll experience less noise from your partner (or yourself!) each night, leading to more peaceful nights and a more restful sleep.

5. Save money

Many people don’t think twice about grinding their teeth at night, but if left unchecked, the habit can really add up. 

Investing in a quality night guard can be surprisingly cost-effective by not only helping you replace your night guard less often but also preventing further costly dental treatments like fillings and crowns from the damage caused by the grinding. 

With proper maintenance and care of your night guard, it could end up saving you money over a period of time by stopping future dental costs from materializing.


Night guards are an affordable, safe and effective way to protect your teeth, reduce headaches and jaw pain, prevent snoring, and save money in the long run. If you’re struggling with TMJ disorder or any other condition related to teeth grinding, then it’s important that you consider using one. Don’t let your teeth, jaw and body suffer —wear a night guard and feel the difference it makes in your sleep!