5 Things to Consider Before Buying!

Table saws are one of the most flexible and vital tools you can use in your professional work. If you’re looking to buy one, make sure you take a look at the various models and features to make sure that you buy the best one that is suited to the needs of all your cutting needs. Here are 13 factors you need to think about before purchasing the table saw. If you are thinking about buying a budget saw table then it’s best to take look at these models on this site visit Best Table Saw Under 300 Reviews and Buyer Guide for more information.

1.) Saw Blade Size

Ten” blades are the most popular size used for table saws. Other sizes you might encounter include 8″ and 12″ as well as 14″. There are smaller blades than the one your saw is designed to However; you shouldn’t utilize a blade that is larger than the size it says. For instance, if are using a 10-” table saw, it could utilize an eight” blade. If you have a 10-” table saw, you cannot utilize the 12-” blade.

One suggestion is that blades that are used on miter saws and table saws can be swapped if they’re identical in size. A table saw with the same blade as your miter can keep you from needing to buy two sets of blades to fit the machines.

2.) Cut the depth

One of the most frequent questions addressed often is “What is the deepest cut that a table saw can create?”. The main factor that determines this question is the dimension of the cutting blade. The rule of thumb is that a 10″ blade can cut around 3 inches of timber, and a 12″ blade will cut approximately 4-inches deep.

A word of caution: be aware of is that the wood you buy at a big box store may not be the actual dimensions. For instance, a fourx4 is 3.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches, which means that 12 inches table saws can effortlessly be able to cut it.

The design of a table saw can influence the depth to which it can cut. The structure of the blade’s rising mechanism could have an effect on the height at which the blade can rise. The majority of manufacturers have designed their saws to maximize the height of their equipment.

In addition, dust build-up could affect the cutting depth. If you do not take the time to clean your equipment, sawdust may build up on the riser mechanism, preventing it from rising to its highest height.

It is important to keep in mind that for safety reasons it’s suggested that one blade will clear over the entire top while it cut across the lumber. The size of the tooth can vary from one blade to the next.

3.) Dust Collection

Over the last 30 years, there’s been an increase in research which have shown a connection between sawdust and nasal problems. Long-term exposure to sawdust is linked to lung cancer, as well as the rare forms that are a result of cancer in the nasal area. If you intend to perform many cuts outdoors then the requirement for dust collection on a table saw will decrease certain.

The latest models that are available have features that allow users to connect easily to the table saw. It’s as simple as taking the hose off your shop vacuum before connecting to the table saw using a simple connect adapter.

If you’re thinking of buying a used saw which is older, chances are it won’t have dust collection capabilities. There are, fortunately, alternatives available for aftermarket purchases, but the compatibility of each model will differ.

4) Dado Blade Option

The goal of dado blades is to effectively create grooves in the wood you’re cutting. Dado’s function by stacking several kinds of blades similar to how you make an adobe sandwich. The more blades are added, the larger the groove that’s cut into the wood.

If cutting this kind of material is important to you it is important to ensure that the saw you’re considering is capable of this, since some saws don’t.

If you locate the right saw to make dado cuts, you’ll need to know the width it can cut. Most saws that can accommodate the dado cut will be at least a half-inch wide, however, this will differ from one machine to the next.

5.) Fence Options

It is difficult to appreciate how crucial the fence on a table saw is until you get an excellent one. It’s almost like it opens up a whole perspective to cutting wood using the table saw. A fence is an essential feature to think about when evaluating your purchase choices.

There is a broad selection of fence improvements available aftermarket. How you align your fence will determine how precise the final cut you make will be. A fence will be useless if it isn’t aligned with the blade of the saw.

There are most of the less expensive saws come with a configuration that has the fence attached to the back and front sides of the blade. In most cases, the user clamps the fence with a knob or handle. This setup will be effective, but it is usually more time-consuming to make sure the fence is aligned with it at all times.

The best fences that are available are known as T slot fences. These fences are positioned along rails that have a T slot in face of the saw. The fence and rails are usually made of steel pieces that aid in ensuring stability and strength. Fences can also be locked using clamps, but they are aligned faster and more precisely than others.


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