7 interesting old school dating advices: Will you Follow

7 interesting old school dating advices: Will you Follow

Thankfully, dating has come a long way. We can now see women paying for their dates, driving to their dates, and even chasing the guy they love. According to Susan ‘Honey’ Good, these are some of the things you would not expect to see in the past. She is exclusively set aside for women who are over 50 years of age.

There has been a complete revolution in the rules of the dating game. Talk to the seniors who dated several decades, and you will be surprised by what you hear. The irony is that these people are equally shocked by what they see taking place in the modern dating industry.

However, we have to appreciate the fact that everything about life is changing and dating is not an exemption. In this article, we will be looking at seven interesting old school dating advice. The beauty of it is that you can get one or two that you can follow. However, you may find it hard to embrace most if not all of them in the modern culture.



  • Never, Ever Make the Initial Move


In the olden days, it was scandalous and even unheard of for a woman to initiate the dating process. There was no way a girl would ask a boy on a date. Some people will tell you that it was an abomination to do such a thing. Therefore, the girl had to sit back until a man would come to propose to him or her.

Wasn’t this so disguising especially if no man is coming your way and you feel like time is ripe for you to date? It is also hard to sit back yet you know that you genuinely love someone. Currently, several women are making the first move, and the relationships are flourishing. Millions of men welcome this idea, and they don’t find it crazy for a woman to show interest in them. The girl may not necessarily speak out, but her actions may show that she has a lot of interest in you.  

Our grand moms would not escape these dating do’s and don’ts. Both men and women had specific positions to take and violating any of them would make you appear like an outcast. However, there was a reason for this, and it was good for their time. Currently, most women are not bold enough to speak out when they love a man. However, they will display actions that will help the man to read their feelings. All said and done; there is no problem for the woman to make the first move in the current generation.


  • You Should Always Act Coy


You should have seen this in the Elvis Movie where the girl bats an eyelash, the guy cracks a joke, and then she sends him a coy smile. In the old time, flirting was more overt and less covert more so at dances. According to Ziegler, the man would walk around one way and the woman the other way. They would look at you, and you would also look at them before someone would finally come over. The modern-day seductive dances are more likely to play on your smartphones and not face-to-face. You can get an instant intimate relationship by commenting on the Instagram feed of another person, and you can begin to sext even before your initial date. Therefore, there is a great revolution in the way in which people are dating nowadays.  


  • Never Kiss and Tell


One characteristic of old-school dating was to keep everything as a secret. A lot of attention was paid to small things like kissing and they were to remain between the two of you. Currently, we see lovers kissing everywhere including on the streets and there is nothing to be ashamed about kissing in public. Women would hold meetings to discuss pertinent dating issues like how to take good care of your man but kissing as a no-go zone.

Girls did not discuss their kissing experience with their friends because this subject was not open to discussion. Nowadays, you will get these discussions everywhere including on social media platforms, online forums, churches, radio and TV stations among other places. People are no longer ashamed to talk about sex leave alone kissing.


  • Only Date When You Have Matrimony in Mind


In the past, dating for fun was not something that was tolerated. Currently, we see so many high-school and college students engaging in this practice. You could not continue dating multiple partners and leaving others then you run away with it. You were only to date a person when you were serious about marrying him or her. Currently, several people are dating but have no intensions to get married. Some of them get married for the sole purpose of getting bedroom bliss.


  • Never Date Out of Your Religion


Parents and religious leaders would not allow their sons and daughters to date out of their religion. Currently, religion is not a big relationship issue and you can date anyone across all religions. You will find Catholics marrying protestants and Christians marrying Muslims and so on. Currently, you can meet a person from a different country or religion in an online dating website and you make a beautiful couple. However, we still have some places where you cannot marry outside your religion.


  • Always Date a Taller Man


Do you know why women are obsessed to dating tall men? It is something that has been there from the past. It was believed that you only had to date a man who was taller than you. This was just a myth that did not have any backing in research. Currently, several men are shorter than their spouses and their relationships are flourishing.


  • No Sex Before marriage


People were allowed to date but have no sex until they were officially married. These restrictions were meant to uphold the right morals within the society. Currently, people are dating and having sex as they wish. No one wants to wait until marriage before he can have romance with his or her partners. Of all these old-school dating advices, you can still get a few that can help you while dating.