7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Few businesses can afford to simply focus on their goods and services. They need to first and foremost identify their audience by asking such questions as ‘Who are they?’ ‘What’s their gender?’ ‘Where do they live?’ ‘How old are they?’ ‘How much do they pay?’  ‘Where do they look when they want to buy?’ What a company has to offer needs to be tailored for the right people.

Next comes the advertising process. Here’s the next set of questions: ‘On which platform should the business appear?’ What format is best, and what do the target audience want to see?’ In the past, people read articles and looked at photos. These days, the use of video has become a major element of marketing. Here’s seven reasons why:


1. People like it


The public enjoyed it when businesses gained a presence on social media. These days they expect it. They want to read about product launches and see product reviews on social media. It’s a similar thing when it comes to video content. The public are four times more likely to watch a video than to simply read text. Live streaming is on the increase in social media, and videos enable this to occur. 


2. There is more engagement


It’s a fact that we only remember a tenth of what we hear. We remember 65% of what we hear and see. Videos achieve this perfectly.

It is possible for an Instagram post to include written material of up to 2,500 characters. Useful posts can then be saved and seen again at a later date. Facebook posts can be saved similarly. When reading about Viddly, it was helpful to learn that the experts have made it possible for videos to be downloaded. The file type can be converted to popular formats such as mp4 for accessibility purposes. It’s an added benefit when someone can rewatch a helpful product video whether or not they have internet access at the time. 

In order for the public to become loyal customers, they need to bond and feel a part of the company. Regular content helps this journey, and ‘behind the scenes’ videos can provide interesting information on how products are made and who is personally involved.


3. It’s good for SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name of the game in business. Its goal is for anyone researching a product or service online to see your business at the top of the search results. It’s achieved through marketing professionals identifying the search words people are using. If a company’s website is rich in search words it stands a better chance of being discovered by potential customers.  

When any video is uploaded to Youtube, there is the opportunity to enter a title and video description. This presents an opportunity for the best search words to be included, thus assisting in the SEO process. Interestingly, Youtube is owned by Google, so everything connects seamlessly. 


4. It can redirect the traffic


Some videos may simply appear to be providing free tuition or information. They can actually include adverts and links at the end, helping people to find more information at the click of a button. Once they are on your website landing page, there is an increased chance of gaining custom. 


5. The content can appear on many different platforms


Videos can be uploaded to a host of social media sites as well as the company’s own site. They can be adapted for purpose and readership accordingly.

Email marketing is a highly effective and lucrative tool. More and more companies are including video content in their emails. The statistics show that people are 20% more likely to open the message if the word ‘video’ appears in the title. One survey found that 65% of these videos were opened and played by the readers. 



6. It can fulfill different functions


Videos can be used to launch new products, appearing on social media and Youtube channels. People who’ve just bought a product will value something that provides an after service, such as demonstrations, ‘how to use’ tutorial videos or one that covers frequently asked questions. 

Webinars and presentations such as at TEDx produce great content. With the advent of social media, people expect everything to be short and punchy or they will lose interest. Fortunately this content can be broken down into smaller pieces, and shown as several videos. 


7. It can generate more sales


One survey found that people are up to 85% more likely to buy something if they see an explanatory video.

As we have seen, video content is here to stay, and can be harnessed to the marketing machine of any company. People like it, engage with it and even save it to their devices. It can redirect potential customers to their business websites. Videos can appear on a variety of platforms and fulfill a number of different purposes. Alongside all the other marketing tools available, videos can help boost the sales of any company.