8 Ways to Forget Your Ex-Girlfriend

8 Ways to Forget Your Ex-Girlfriend

It is never easy to forget your old lover that you used to love so much. Because in the mind you used to think that “I wouldn’t be able to live without this person”.

To forget a person you once loved very much is probably the most difficult thing for anyone. However, if you keep everything that do not belong to you, you will lose many new opportunities.

Then one day you realize that the thing you feel regretful is not your old lover but your memories with her.

Therefore, in order for you to soon return to your normal life without your girlfriend, we will share with you how to forget your ex-lover you used to love.

Don’t force yourself to forget immediately

People often say “You can’t forget a person if you try to do it”, so you should never force yourself to forget that person and the memories that you had with her immediately. I used to be in this situation so that I found it so hard to do

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But why are you trying to restrain your sadness while you know that you won’t be able to forget that person right now. If you feel sad or miserable, then cry for relief.

Or find a close friend who may be willing to hear you confide in, it will definitely make you feel much more comfortable!

Lock up all the memorabilia of yours

In order to forget your ex girlfriend, you should take away the memorabilia related to that person from your life. It can be general photos, utensils or gifts that she gave you.

Although it will make you feel regretful, they will remind you of the wounds in your heart and it will make you feel more stressed and sad.

Take away all the memorabilia of your

For these items, you can leave them somewhere, give them to others or do whatever you feel comfortable with. After that, reorganize your living space so that you can become a new person and your spirit will be improved a lot.

Do not go to places that you dated with her

Besides memorabilia, the familiar space between the two also reminds you of that person. The way to forget the old lover is to limit traveling to places like movie theaters, cafes, and restaurants that you had a lot of memories with her.

Do not go to places that you dated with each other

When you come to those places, it will certainly evoke memories, moments of love that you once had with her. Instead, explore new places, because they will bring you new memories and new feelings.

Avoid meeting mutual friends

In the period after parting, you had better limit contact with your mutual friends and acquaintances. This will help you avoid hearing stories reminding of her.

Don’t worry about what your friends will think when you evade them, they will definitely understand and sympathize for you. Instead, meet new friends to expand your relationship.


Avoid meeting mutual friends

Participate in positive activities

After taking leave of your ex girlfriend, it is easily understandable and extremely necessary to change yourself to become more positive. There are many people who feel self-deprecating and hurt after parting so they do not dare to start a new relationship with another person. However, it is a wrong thought that makes you lose many good opportunities.

To revive your own feelings, you need to create a plan to change yourself. It includes some activities such as taking time to take care of yourself, meeting relatives, friends, and participating in positive social activities. It will certainly make your mood much better. .


Do not blame yourself

No matter the reason for your parting is, you should never eat humble pie. The breakdown in love never comes from one side, but there are many different effects leading to that separation.

Therefore, the way to forget your ex-lover is always to think about positive things. You can justify the break-up of that relationship because of fate, when you no longer love each other, trying to keep the love doesn’t bring happiness to both.

It will help you less blame yourself. What you need to do right now is to spend a lot of time taking care of yourself and the surrounding people.

Absolutely do not blame yourself

Take good care of yourself

There will be nothing more wonderful that is taking care of yourself becoming more beautiful and younger. You can spend time and money on shopping, going out or traveling anywhere you want.

Think about what you like to eat, what you want to do, where you want to hang out. As long as you feel like it, pick up your butt and go to make your fun.

The way of forgetting the old lover you should do is to prove to everyone that, even without having her around, you still live happily, because there are many surrounding people who care and love you. .




Take good care of yourself

Open your heart

It is unfair for some girl if you use her to fill the vacancy in your heart. This causes injustice for your own feelings as well as that girl.

Therefore, if you have not forgotten your ex lover, do not rush to find a new person just because you are lonely and want to take revenge on your ex.

Because, after all, emotion is a very sacred thing and it’s really stable if you appreciate it. Conversely, if you feel you are ready for a new relationship, don’t hesitate to open your heart to receive good things that awaits you.

Open your heart

After parting, you will have to step alone on the whole road, but just a little more effort you will find your new girlfriend.

Hopefully, the ways to forget the old lover that we have just shared with you will help you become stronger and soon erase the image of that person from your mind.