Are Photo Editors in Demand?

You may want a flexible job from your home and earn a handsome amount of money; photo editing jobs may best suit you. You may earn around $75000 to $100000 in a year through photo editing tasks. There are many sections of the photo editing task. Among them, wedding and portrait editing are more popular jobs. The wedding industry is booming worldwide. It comprises around $72 Billion in Industry. Around 2.1 million weddings have taken place in the USA each year. 

Many photo editors choose wedding photography as their full-time career. By 2020, there are over 157,000  passionate photographers who claim that photography is their full-time business, according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Online photo editing is a great way to earn money through low stress, creative and less time-consuming tasks. 

You may spend only 10-20 hours in weeks depending on completing your editing project due to exploding the corporate and wedding events. The professional photo editors are hiring more freelance editors for completing the bulk editing task within time. You may earn $40- $100 per hour to edit the client photo editing task. Also, you can buy photo editing services, you can get more information here.


Why Industry needs photo editor: 

The COVID-19 pandemic turned many businesses to shift online. The online business is much dependent on HD quality edited mockups and product photos. Unfortunately, the DSLR or android have captured the photo, but more editing and typography need to be published on the web. So, a professional standard photo editor is needed for the final delivery of images. 

The number of IT and Tech companies are increasing due to multiple profits. They need a highly skilled photo editor. Otherwise, wedding photography, family photoshoots are more acceptable among the mass of people. So, the demand for photo editors is constantly increasing.


What should the task photo editor do?

The photo editor has lots of tasks to make incredible images. They are doing correction of colour, adjusting exposure and straightening cropping, adjusting the texture, typography, and installing efficient presets at the images. The business industry needed a mockup, and high quality edited images of their products. 

The photo editor is doing bulk product image colour, matching up with the text, and mingling with the other products. With the rising demand for photo editing tasks, freelance editors can increase their salary by boosting their editing tasks. Photo editor works as a virtual assistant; their task is editing raw images and quick delivery to their clients. The large photo editor agency hires freelance private photo editors for editing a lot of bulk images quickly. Also, four main tasks should be done to complete a photo editing project. They are described below shortly-

Colour grading: The colour grading helps you to modify the colour that appears in the photo. It is very effective for making warmer or cooler tones appear in the images.

Colour correction: During a photo shoot, the imperfect colour may appear due to the uneven distribution of natural light. Colour correction helps to fix colour insufficiency. For example- colour correction helps the images to improve contrast and texture to provide great and cool looking.

Airbrushing: Airbrushing helps the images to remove flaws and turn the subject’s skin to appear softer.

Cropping and removing objects: During the photoshoot, there may be undesirable and disturbing objects in the images. They are also making frame or product mockups needed for background removal. The photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop removes unwanted objects with the help of patch tools or other background removal tools. The expert photo editor is creating new images by using a variety of tools and techniques. They are using advanced filters and other effective strategies to create exciting and dynamic images.


How much may you pay through editing photos?

Photography and photo editing are the coolest jobs worldwide> The income of a photo editor depends on the experience and skills of an editor. Photo editors can make $40-$100+ per hour on wedding and portrait editing. These may vary on the service rate and task. The photo editor usually charges per photo rate depending on the difficulty of the task. A mid to high experienced photo editor may earn $300-$400 per editing project. These could hold the $500 to $2000 earning per month to complete their task.


What skills are needed as a photographer?

The photo editor must be familiar with Adobe Lightroom for colour correction and desirably preset at the images. Also, they should become familiar with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for colour grading, contrast, background removal and another essential task.

What is the most difficult task as a photo editor: A newcomer getting a client may be the most difficult part. Also, consistent learning and capturing the most updated technology to provide effective and cool service is important to run the business. The educated clients may be familiar with the most advanced presets or effects. You should consider constant learning and apply the most advanced technique and preset to the client’s images. 


How to get clients as newcomers?

There are a lot of freelancing sites which constantly post jobs. You should constantly increase your knowledge about photo editing. Then build a portfolio on these top freelancing sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour and You also build up a strong presence on photo-sharing sites such as Dribble, Behance, Instagram, Devian Art and Pinterest. The clients may directly contact you by watching your incredible task. Don’t lose hope; you will get your desired clients soon. 

Why you should need training as a photo editor: The photo editing business is one of the competing industries most editors face. They face difficulty getting clients.  They have to struggle to keep the current clients. The photo editor may be lacking soft skills and other essential skills in photography. 

The photo editor should constantly learn new features of photography and advanced editing. So, the training is the backbone for running an effective photo editing business industry. Blessing to the technology and hard work of a passionate photo editor, there are tons of free and paid photo editing courses available on the web. You should spend money grabbing the most advanced training available on the internet to make you the most skilful editor on the market.