Are You Hydrated Enough? Watch Out For These 6 Dehydration Signs

You may have heard about the dangers of dehydration before, or read somewhere about the importance of proper water intake for your body’s health. But you keep on consuming less than normal water intake. You may not feel thirsty –but it does not mean that you are okay or your body is properly hydrated.  Sometimes there are signs that your body shows you aside from being thirsty, which means that you need more water.

What is dehydration? 

Dehydration is a condition where your body lacks fluids. Because water is very important for your body’s health, if you are lacking in that –it will interfere with the way the body works. In some cases, severe dehydration can even lead to a threatening condition. In order to replenish your water intake, you need to know the signs of dehydration, which can be more than just feeling thirsty. 

If you are having conditions such as fever, vomiting, or diarrhea -your body will be more prone to dehydration. Thus why when we are sick, it is important to keep drinking water during the recovery period.

What Are The Signs Of Dehydration?

Dry Skin

The easiest way to check whether you have sufficient water intake or not is by looking out at your skin. If you notice that your skin is looking dry and flaky, it certainly means that you need more water. Water is very important if you want to ensure that your skin looks young and can maintain its elasticity for a long time.

Problem With Urine

There are two signs related to your urine, which means that you are lacking in water intake. The first one is when you notice that you don’t go to the bathroom as much. If we don’t drink enough water, automatically less urine will be produced –this is the reason why you do not go to the bathroom as much. 

The second sign is when you notice that your urine color is darker than usual. Your urine should have a golden yellowish color –this yellow color comes from urobilin inside of our body. If you notice that your urine color is darker, this is the ultimate sign that you need to chug a glass of water immediately.


If your body is lacking water, it will affect your blood pressure. Thus making you feel a bad headache and even lightheaded when standing up. If you start to feel throbbing in your head, and out of nowhere feeling woozy –it is best if you reach out for water to replenish the water that your body has lost. Water is not only going to help you prevent this problem, but it can also help to ease the throbbing pain which happens due to headaches.

Cramps When Working Out

When your body is dehydrated, the levels of electrolytes in the body will decrease because we get electrolytes inside our body through water and what we eat. This can interfere with a number of tissue functions, including your muscle. If your body doesn’t get enough fluids during exercise, muscle cramps can suddenly appear and hurt your body.

Irregular Heart Beat

Another sign of dehydration due to lacking electrolytes is when you experience an irregular heartbeat. In addition to preserving muscle condition, electrolytes are highly beneficial in keeping the heart rate stable. When you don’t have sufficient electrolytes inside your body, you might feel your heart suddenly pounding out of nowhere. If you suddenly find discomfort due to this issue, you should reach out for water. This might be the key to helping your heartbeat settle down to normal.

Not only that, but irregular heartbeat can also happen because your body is lacking water, thus it can make it harder for your heart to pump the blood throughout your body. 

Tend To Forget Things

Your brain can only work optimally if it is hydrated, and all the systems inside your body are working properly. This only can happen if you drink sufficient recommended water intake which is advised by professional health. Without proper hydration, your brain can be affected instagram dp downloader –thus making you tend to forget things and become unfocused. This is why for children who are still in school, the parent has to make sure that they consume the right amount of water. If the children do not like to drink water, what parents can do is by giving them fruit with high water content.

Start asking yourself the best question — “is my own water consumption enough?” You may not realize it due to not feeling thirsty at all, but wanting to drink is not the only sign that you are dehydrated. If you are experiencing some of the signs above, you need to watch out because it can also mean that you are not drinking enough water to support your body.