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Ark Achatina

Ark Achatina : Anyone discovered how the natural polymer is produced?

Yesterday, whereas testing how briskly the Achatina Paste was produced, I solely obtained 2 Organic Polymer after 90 minutes – and the decay timer was going to roll over earlier than a 3rd one can be made, so I estimated a fee of 1 per 45 minutes. Today, once I logged on some 24 hours later – there’s 100 Achatina Paste (which I anticipated) and 69 Organic Polymer in its stock. 5 of the stacks have precisely the identical timer, implying both they have been produced in bulk or there may be regularity to when it is produced. The different stacks solely had four/5 every, so I condensed them – which tousled the timers, I am certain.

Perhaps the speed is elevated whereas its on the paste restrict? So 100 minutes after I logged off, it was stuffed with paste and turned as much as turbo polymer manufacturing? Someone talked about within the trivia that snails like water, so perhaps it rained they usually produce tonnes of natural polymer when it rains (farout concept)? Maybe they produce an enormous bulk of them each day?

I’ve simply tamed two extra and I will sign off tonight with their inventories utterly empty (one has 6 paste already since I began scripting this). I’d test in 45 minutes to see if there’s 1 Organic Polymer to match yesterday’s fee.3mptylord (talk) 05:07, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

Day 2: One of them had 11 (10 and 1) in its stock, each stacks with 1h29m36 timers. The second had 10. The one I initially tamed and had left the natural polymer inside from yesterday does not seem to have produced any, because it has 7 stacks of three`(and should not the primary stack have extra if some was being produced?). It’s potential that its passive manufacturing refreshes the timer on the stack, permitting it to have greater than 2 in its stock – however that does not clarify how I had 69 yesterday, with so many full stacks of 10. Perhaps a problem with server resets and patching? 3mptylord (talk) 15:59, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

Day 2, Test 2: I had two empty snails and one snail with 100 paste. All three produced 1 paste after 45 minutes. I used to be late for the 90 minutes test, however all three now have 100 paste and a couple of polymer. Being “full” of paste does not appear to extend manufacturing of polymer. However, there’s been experiences on the boards that the one-time bonus has been un-fixed (or the repair was unintentional and it was suppose to be occurring). So in order for you 100 fast polymer, seize a low stage snail (earlier than it will get fastened once more?)! 3mptylord (talk) 18:49, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

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Yesterday i performed many hours and evertime they’d full paste i took all of it however they produced solely 1-5 polymer. Today after sleeping ~7 hours they’re full with polymer and paste.

It rained 2 occasions yesterday so i dont assume it increase them. (No Wiki User: Karaswa)

I feel I’ve figured it out. Whenever there is a minor model patch – it fills up the snails. Depending on how lengthy after the patch you log in – they will both be full or already spoiling. Logged in after the final model they usually have been all full (barring the already-started stacks, so all of them had 95 Organic Polymer). They had 5 Organic Polymer earlier than the patch as a result of I keep in mind emptying them. I solely checked so rapidly as a result of I did not know if the pre-patch-rollback took me to earlier than or after I emptied them. 3mptylord (talk) 06:35, 28 November 2016 (UTC)

it’s tremendous easy ……

45 minutes : 1 polymer
90 minutes : 2 polymer – 1 polymer = 1 polymer
135 minutes : 2 polymer
180 minutes : three polymer – 1 polymer = 2 polymer
225 minutes : three polymer
270 minutes : four polymer – 1 polymer = three polymer
315 minutes : four polymer
360 minutes : 5 polymer – 1 polymer = four polymer
405 minutes : 5 polymer
450 minutes : 6 polymer – 1 polymer = 5 polymer
495 minutes : 6 polymer
540 minutes : 7 polymer – 1 polymer = 6 polymer
585 minutes : 7 polymer
630 minutes : eight polymer – 1 polymer = 7 polymer
675 minutes : eight polymer
720 minutes : 9 polymer – 1 polymer = eight polymer

Ark Achatina all polymers
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they only produce it – 1 each 45 minutes (No Wiki User: Karaswa)

No-one is disputing the 1 each 45 minutes – I created the graph that is used within the article. The complete level of this dialogue was to determine what was making snails to generally mass produce 100 natural polymer. 3mptylord (talk) 19:59, 28 November 2016 (UTC)

Confirmed. My server simply crashed and when it rebooted all my snails bought utterly full of polymer, aside from the snail that I used to be utilizing as storage for once I took my moschops out – for the reason that server reboot does not max-out stacks.

Our Snail is at present contained in the breeding home, since we’re rebuilding our base. There are eight ACs round there. The constructing additionally has greenhouse partitions as home windows, do not know if that makes a distinction. I simply point out it, as a result of i learn someplace that the temperature has an impact on the polymer manufacturing. (visitor)

Head Slot[edit source]

I simply outfitted my achatina with a helmet. Is that ordinary? Chitin seems excellent on a snail for some motive. But I do not see a notice a couple of head slot on the web page.

Currently, there’s a relatively small tidbit about its capacity to put on headgear on the backside of the web page underneath the “Notes” part. However, relaxation assured the following model of the Infobox can have a bit that mentions it may well put on headgear.

— Sanctyl (talk) 03:56, 30 December 2016 (UTC)