How to get ARK Survival evolved in Pc 2018

How to get ARK Survival evolved in Pc 2018

ark survival evolved download for pcAs we know that the game is already available in Xbox you can also enjoy this game on PC as well.
You know How?
Now if you want to play ARK Survival evolved in your pc you can play it easy just you have to follows the instructions.

Every thing is this game is same as it is available on Mobile.

In 2018 ARK survival evolved after getting a lot of users on mobile started to develop this game on PC as well.

Now it has PC version for the users who want to enjoy this game on PC.

With online features as well having a CrossPlay option as well.

With the help of CrossPlay one can play game with another players online without expanding money at all.

All offical servers are available on Microsoft windows 10 verison with anti cheats option ( having no cheats till now).

You can enjoy all the features of the game which are available on mobile as well with in the pc without any XBOX. With having split screen for players.

Can be download ARK Survival evolved for your PC and Now you can enjoy ARK Survival Evolved on your computer without using any other app or software.

One must need Windows 10 for this game.
You just have to download the game on your pc


and then Lauch the game installer.
Sign in in Microsoft Store
Launch ARK stepup
after installing stepups know step up the servers then enjoy the game for free.