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New Server System: ARK Web Notifications

As of ARK v243, servers can now get internet notifications optionally posted someplace when essential issues occur to a tribe, comparable to Tripwire Alarms going off and Babies being born. (We will later lengthen this probably for all Tribe Logs, in addition to expose it to Mod­­ders for their very own makes use of). For Official Servers, these notifications are despatched to customers by way of the boards which have Steam account associations. For causes of websecurity and web site efficiency, we cannot deal with the net notifications for unofficial servers. So now we have uncovered the system for customized use, if anybody needs to write down a primary internet service (and even…promote a service if they need) for unofficial servers to make the most of for his or her gamers. Here’s the way to do it:

To deal with alarm internet notifications on a customized server, you must begin your server with “-webalarm” and have a sound AlarmPostCredentials.txt in your Saved/ folder. AlarmPostCredentials.txt is a textual content file that incorporates two strains of knowledge. The first line is an online api key and the opposite is the url to make use of.

e.g., /ShooterGame/Saved/AlarmPostCredentials.txt

Note: You do not really must deal with a sound key on webservice facet should you do not need to however you’ll nonetheless must have one thing inside this file.

The server will make a HTTP POST with “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” knowledge that features key, steamid, title, and message.

e.g., key=01234abcedf01234abcedf&steamid=0000000000001234&notetitle=Example%2BTitle&message=Example+Message

That’s just about it. When the sport hits an occasion it considers newsworthy, it will do this internet POST name accordingly. As talked about, it will begin with Tripwire Alarms and Baby Births, and as soon as we’re satisfied of the system’s potential, arising, all Tribe Logs. And then mod­ders can take it even farther if they need!