Ark Server Admin Commands

ARK Server Commands for Admin


Here is a method of controlling the commands with administration and client commands. Below this is a list of recently know commands 2018.

To access these commands you must need to be playing the game logged on your server. Then Just press the tab button and console window will appear along the bottom of the screen.

If you are playing the game as a single player you do not have to do anything special to access to these commands.

Note: Before using these commands one must login first as an admin to access these commands.

First you must need to login:

Suppose your pasword was “”

you should type as = enablecheats

then press the enter button

after that type = showmyadminmanager

press enter and finally the

admin console will open easily

Finally below there is a list of commands which one can use.

Once you done all the above steps you can use all the admin commands easily without any error or any problem at all.


However if you are playing the game in server you must need to enter ServerAdminPassword by using the following commands:

server admin commands for ark

ark Server admin commands

If you have any question about any about ark games ask in comments.

If any keyword is not working ask in comment we will try to resolve issues related to this.