How to choose the best ark server hosting?

How to choose the best ark server hosting?

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It is not always easy to get the best server hosting which can accommodate individuals gaming needs. There are plenty of providers with juicy promises who can really confuse an individual wishing to get started with ark video games. There some known factors to consider while choosing the best ark server hosting enabling one to cater for his or her gaming needs. This factor includes; control panel, slots, location and customer support.

Which platform to play ark on?

Several platforms are available for individuals to play ark on which includes; ps4, Xbox and pc. It is always advisable for individuals to select a provider which provides hosting that can support the platform a player plays ark on. In this case, if a person plays ark on Xbox then he or she is not going to play ark on a server hosting that is dedicated for ps4. Also, it is possible for an individual to cross play ark meant for windows UWP on Xbox but the two servers should be cross-play enabled to be able to do so.

Global or local location

Various companies servers are located in different locations thus a hosting provider will always provide the locations for own servers on their websites to ensure best ark hosting. Therefore a person can select a hosting provider which has servers located in their area or location. A company should have a minimum or no downtime to enable their customers to get the best. If the player wishes to play with his friend from another country then a centrally located server will be an option. In this case, there are fewer holdups. Also, some hosting company allows a person to switch locations when they wish which is necessary while changing the player base.

Number of slots

There are many slots an individual can select. The slots, a person is able to choose for the ark server regulates the number of people who will join. It is good for one to understand that selecting a server with many slots will pay high than the server with fewer slots. Therefore an individual should choose the slots depending on the type of server which provides his or her gaming requirements.

The customized or standard control panel

A control panel is always of help in numerous ways. For example, it allows an individual to back up the data and also edit configuration files, also it will allow installing mods and admin cheats. Therefore a customized ark control panel enables a person to make all of the above easily.

Automatic manual updates

One can go for an ark server hosting which automatically gives the new updates. Some of the hosts have developed an automatic update checkbox in the control panel. Also, some mods break the server because they are not supported by gaming new version.


Some hosting companies choose to use branding to give their services to their customers at an affordable price. Therefore they use the name of the company at the start of a server name or also include a semi-intrusive message which appears during the game and then disappears.


This is the time taken to transmit data from one’s network to the server’s network. The quality of the network is very crucial and location matters also an individual should select a server that has no lad to ensure best ark hosting.


The above information is very important and should be considered while choosing the best ark server hosting company for individuals gaming.