Attractive TikTok Content Ideas That Can Boost Your Account

With a couple of billions of users on TikTok, the competition gets hard to make such content that goes viral the very next day. TikTok users keep hawk eyes on their follower count as soon as they upload a new video in the hope that it may be “the one” to boost their account. Although websites like help users grow their TikTok followers organically in a matter of months, you need to put in some effort and creativity in your content as well to get noticed. That’s why we have rounded up some TikTok video ideas to help you go viral:

Collaborate with Influencers

You should reach influencers with a large follower count because the bigger the better. Once you ask them to feature in your video or vice versa, you will catch the eye of their huge fan following unlike you who have a few followers. Some influencers buy TikTok likes to increase their recognition on the competitive TikTok platform. 

In case they are not ready to collaborate with you for some reason, you can even do a duet with one of the most popular TikTok content creators, and you may gain the attention of their followers.

Cute Animal Videos

If you want to leave people in awe, adorable animal videos are guaranteed to do so. TikTok users highly engage with cats and dogs videos. You can film your pets doing crazy things or you can feature with them in the video doing fun things together. You never know which act will melt the viewers’ hearts.  

ASMR Videos

ASMR videos are the most satisfying kind of videos. No one can get distracted by watching them, no matter how long or short they are. No matter what niche you’re targeting, you can make ASMR videos without having to go off track. You can then keep an eye on the views, likes, and share to see if people are really enjoying such kind of content or not to steer the future direction of your channel.

Trending Hashtag Videos

Another way to boost your account instantly is to get on the trending hashtag bandwagon. You can search for the trending hashtags on TikTok and see what people are engaging more with and make a cool video according to that.

As trending hashtags are trending for a reason, so you have a high probability of getting love and new followers. So you can never go wrong with this strategy!

Social Media Challenges

As everyone seems to be doing social media challenges, therefore users will be more interested in watching such kinds of videos from almost every TikTok creator to see their level of creativity. Challenges like “Flip the Switch” and “Ice Bucket Challenge” took over the internet. If you participate in such videos, you will get noticed by people.

You can even start your own hashtag challenge by making an entertaining video and hope that it blows up the internet.

Dance Videos

No matter what content you produce, you should never miss out on the dance videos’ craze. Everyone on TikTok wants to have fun and they enjoy watching people having fun.

Even if you’re not a good dancer, some popular videos only require basic steps. And if you’re a pro dancer, then you know the drill to boost your account!