Best Gadgets for College Students

College years are fun, but can also be hard and stressful – so why not make that bit easier by using some smart, cool gadgets? We provide you a list of a few useful and versatile college students’ gadgets that will make your college education – and all that comes with it – a piece of cake! Like these gadgets there is another important thing Laptop accessories you must have Visit Important Laptop Accessories You Must Have for more information about these accessories.

Mini Mobile Printer for Android

Considering the popularity of Instagram among college students, the purchase of this mini mobile printer seems like a fun choice; you’ll be able to print your images fast, without even using a cable, and share them on Facebook and Twitter.  You can even modify the photos for optimal quality and insert dates, places, and memos into them using the QR Code. The ink is already included, but as this instant printing is interesting and addictive, we bet you’ll be buying a new cartridge in no time!

Live Scribe Smart Pen

Instead of having to decipher your bad handwriting, the Live scribe Smartphone will store everything you’ve written; with a capacity of 4 gigabytes, it can capture thousands of pages of written text and more than 800 hours of audio. The material can easily be reached from your Lives scribe paper, mobile phone, or a computer, and you can even share it with your colleagues online. The pen comes with a bunch of pre-installed applications which will help you make even better and easy-to-follow notes. 

Portable external hard drive

To protect yourself against any possible computer malfunction put the most important of your data (like that essay you were just about to finish when the computer, unfortunately, crashed…) on a portable hard drive. It has USB 3.0 connectivity, password protection, and hardware encryption and works excellent with Windows 8. Besides, college is a place of the constant fluctuation of study-related materials, music, films, images, and pretty much everything. It also looks good and it’s slim so you can carry it in your backpack without any trouble.

Magic Cube Laser Projection

Many people face difficulties when using the virtual keyboard on various smartphones and tablets; the Magic Cube Laser Projection relieves them of the problem as it creates a virtual keyboard in the form of a projection. It can be projected across flat surfaces; it includes a mouse mode and even a handwriting recognition technology. The battery lasts about three hours and this cool gadget charges via USB. You can wireless connect it with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet and just watch the heads turn. The keyboard size is about 241 x 106 mm, which is pretty much close to the standard size of ‘real’ keyboards.

A Cheat Watch

Well, we don’t encourage cheating per se, but having a watch with an option to save and memorize large quantities of text (via USB, of course) can be very useful during your college years. It may be unpractical to transcribe large portions of text from the watch during the exam, but you can always take a quick look when the professor isn’t looking; you know, to remind yourself of the troublesome details you’re most likely to forget.  It includes 4GB of memory and acts as a digital watch until you press the right combination of buttons, which will then trigger the cheat watch mode. The watch can also sort the text into chapters and different folders so you can find the necessary material easily.

Google Chrome cast HDMI

A massive hit at the market; it seems just about perfect for the student population. It will allow you to stream online video and music to your television by using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with strong hard drives. It’s easy to set up, and compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. Just plug it in any HDTV and connect it to the wireless network you’re using and you’re all done! It supports Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Hulu Plus, Google Play Movies, and many more.


Gadgets for college students have to be highly functional and come in the most compact size possible. It is important that students get the maximum benefit from their gadgets. It is not enough that they make things easier – getting some extra entertainment would also be a smart move. is the best place to visit for looking for gadgets of all kinds, including smartwatches and portable projectors. The blog is really informative and does work very sincerely.