Best laptop for FIFA 19

If you’re a football fan like me and are a player, there is less chance that you’re uninvolved in games like EA Sports FIFA video games. Are you aware? FIFA 19 and FIFA 18 included 45 million distinct console and PC players during the fiscal year of EA, which is an impressive number. FIFA 2020 has already been released on the 24th of September and if you’re planning to upgrade to the most recent version, your PC will be prepared to run this.

As I stated earlier, FIFA 20 is offering Football Intelligence; it’s complete gaming rethinking that takes you to the highest degree of football’s realist city. With the new Game Flow and the enhanced Ball Physics System, you’ll be able to feel the most authentic of any critical moment. In addition, AI Defending and Natural Player Motion has also been enhanced. The latest version of FIFA will be bringing massive improvements, and it’s definitely worth the upgrade. If you are a fan of some other games like SIM 4 then Best Laptop for Sims 4 visit this blog post article for laptop requirements for Sim 4.

Before diving into my selection of the most desirable FIFA laptop for 2021, it is important to determine what we need to think about when looking into the notebook.

But, in comparison with other games, FIFA 20 isn’t a much demanding game, however, there are a few key aspects to consider when you are looking for the use of a laptop to play this game that is addictive. It is evident that if you have a computer that can run the most recent version of FIFA 2020 that it can run older versions, without issues. So, whether you’re searching for a laptop that plays FIFA 20, FIFA 19, or even an earlier version of FIFA, this guide has you covered.

What do the requirements that FIFA 2020 has set for them? FIFA 2020 are they stating?

FIFA 20 Recommended PC Specs:

OS will be Windows 10 – 64-Bit

CPU must be AMD FX 8150 or Intel i5-3550, or equivalent

Minimum Memory will be 8GB

At least Graphics Card Radeon R9 270X AMD or GeForce GTX 670 NVIDIA or equivalent 

Hard Drive Minimum 55 GB of space free for playing smoothly

Internet Access Requirements for Connection: Broadband is recommended. You need an Internet Connection that is required for installation and play.

The original version of this article was designed for FIFA 19 laptop requirements, then the Intel i3 6300T or similar processor was enough, but this is no longer the case as you will observe. You’ll need a notebook that has the Intel Core i5 processor with an excellent graphics card for an experience that is smoother and more enjoyable. But, at present, 8GB of memory and the 256GB, SSD are sufficient if you’re not playing any other AAA games.


Acer Aspire 15

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for an affordable laptop for playing FIFA 20, the Acer Aspire 15 could be the ideal choice. The machine is equipped with an Intel Core 8th Generation i5-8250U processor with 8GB of memory with 256GB SSD storage and an Nvidia 2GB graphics card. That is enough to run FIFA 20 at full HD resolution.

Yes, the Acer Aspire 15 indeed has a 15.6-inch high-definition HD display that delivers amazing image quality. If you’re playing games or watching movies, its greater resolution and wide-view angles will keep you completely covered.

With a variety of ports for connectivity, The Aspire E15 won’t let you go without ports and you can connect external monitors and hard drives in a snap. It even has the most recent USB Type-C port to increase speed.

The most appealing feature of this laptop is that it’s easily upgradeable. Therefore, you’ll be able to increase the storage or memory shortly. In addition, you’ll get an impressive battery backup that’s not typical for laptops with an integrated GPU.

Overall, this Acer Aspire E15 is probably the most suitable laptop to play FIFA 20 in 2021, in case you don’t wish to invest in high-end gaming machines.

The greatest aspect of this laptop is that it’s extremely portable, robust, and has great performance and long battery performance at the same time making it quite expensive. It’s an excellent laptop to play games like FIFA 20, but it’s not recommended for professional gamers or gamers who are serious as I said in the previous paragraph.


This article Is not only for hard gamers fans but also for normal gamers like me. The gaming and laptop industry growing too fast. It’s not easy to find the best laptops for your need. IF you are going to buy a new laptop then visit on this site to find laptops for your need.