Best of the best watch for women: Rolex Lady Datejust 

Watches are the women’s best friend. Apart from the fact that it keeps them fashionable, it also serves the purpose of telling them the time, making them aware of their schedules. For this very reason, most women invest with their timepieces choosing not just the most elegant-looking ones but also those who are assumed to be of excellent quality and durability. 

Indeed, in purchasing a watch, especially luxury ones that may eat a massive chunk of your savings, it is imperative to be meticulous. Zoom into the details and consider if the watch is the perfect match for you. Meaning, inspect not just how it is built but also what it is made of and the distinct features of the watch that fit your lifestyle. 

A close look at Rolex Lady Datejust Collection

Among the most praised collections for women from the iconic Rolex watches is the Rolex Lady Datejust collection. It consists of models that are especially recognized for their feminine and sophisticated look with all the bright colors of hardware and glittering diamonds. It is perfect for those who want a soft, dainty yet classy look. 

As pretty as it looks outside, is the movements within the clock. Its advanced self-winding mechanical movement is Caliber 2236, which is patented and developed by the brand itself. It is suited with a Syloxi hairspring in Silicon, which explains why it is of high-level precision. Its performance is guaranteed -2 and +2 seconds a day. 

Today, we will be talking about one of each of the colors from the collection; Silver, gold, and rose gold. We will dive into these different watches from their looks to their precision. You have just come to the right place; if you are planning to buy a Rolex and are in question of what model you would want to invest in, you might find one that will capture your heart. 

Rolex Lady-Datejust 18ct Yellow Gold Automatic Cornflower Green Diamond Dial Ladies Watch 

To kick things off is this beauty shimmering in its all-gold glory. This has the right amount of luxury and class in a watch, maintaining the classic look you want to go for. The round, solid-back case is made out of 18kt Yellow Gold, measuring 28mm in diameter. To complete its gold aesthetic is the matching 18kt Yellow Gold President band. 

The polished dial is in green color, but it has gold undertones, which perfectly matches the all-gold aesthetic this watch is going for. Its indexes are in Roman Numerals, written in gold print embellished with white shining diamonds. On the top part is the name of the brand with the name of the collection. To complete the look is the date window on the right side. 

In all its shining gold and diamond glory, the watch has center hour, minute, and seconds hands. Its precision in telling the time is as accurate as it could get with the Calibre 2236. It has approximately 55 hours of reserve. As if it could not get better, this gold beauty is Water-resistant for up to 100m underwater.  

Rolex Lady Datejust Pink Dial Diamond Indexes Ladies Jubilee Watch 

Pink and Silver are a great combination that exudes femininity, sophistication, and power. This is what this timepiece proves. The case of this beauty is made out of Stainless Steel. It has a solid back and is shaped round with a measurement of 28mm in diameter. To match with its steel case is the Stainless steel band. 

This luxurious watch is highlighted by its classy pink, almost rose gold dial. Its indexes are glittering diamonds, and it has silver-tone hands. The brand with the logo, as well as the name of the collection, is placed on the upper part of the watch, just where the 12th index is located. On the right side is the date window. 

This beauty is perfect for those who want to go basic and subtle yet still want to sport a luxury watch. It could be just another silver watch from afar, but when you zoom into its pink dials and diamonds indexes, it is another story. It has Rolex Calibre 2236, a 55 hours reserve, and is water-resistant for up to 100m. 

Rolex Lady Datejust Sundust Steel/18k Everose Gold Dia 28mm 

To complete this list is this masterpiece made out of Rolex’s evolutionary Everose Gold. It is a must-have for its unique look. Its round case is framed with a diamond-filled Everose gold. It measures 28mm in diameter, has a solid back and a Sapphire Crystal face. To perfect its beauty is the two-tone Silver and rose gold band. 

The dial is on a whole new level of class and sophistication. First of all, it comes in a Rose gold color, tying the look altogether. The hands, together with the hour marker indexes, are in Everose gold component. However, to upgrade the look, the indexes are filled with diamonds. On the top part is the brand and the collection and on the right is a date window. 

The two-tone exquisiteness of this watch exudes uniqueness but still managing to stay classic and sophisticated. It is a perfect timepiece for those gals who want to be free-spirited yet want to stay classic at the same time. This timepiece has a 50-hour reserve and a 2236 caliber automatic movement. More so, it is at least 100m water-resistant.  


Luxury watches are one of the most significant investments because they will stand the test of time, with both their functionality and aesthetic. The best suggestion we could give is to invest in a brand that has been dominating the watchmaking industry since its conception, so you are assured of the quality and return of investment. Rolex watches are the best way to go.