Popcorns are an all-time favorite of our childhood. Whether it’s a movie night or a sudden craving arises for a snack, popcorn are the best healthy solution and a delicious snack. The heavenly flavor and warm buttery aroma of a bucket full of best popcorn kernels are mouth-watering and make people crave for more.

The idea of making your own best popcorn kernels using a skillet, microwave oven or a stove give one a sense of bliss and delight.

Some very best and our all-time favorite popcorn brands that you can make at home are listed below with descriptions.

All in One Tri-Pack:

The packaging of all in one popcorn comes with separate compartments for popcorns and oil. The seasoning is the ultimate delight that makes the popcorn a movie time favorite. And the smell of these popcorn really make one feel like being on a movie night out.

The pack is easy to use, the popcorn are easy to make, and have a high quality and delicious flavor which is why it has the 1st ranking on our list.

The usage is easy, just open the packet, add the pops in the skillet with oil and seasoning, cover and let the pops pop. You can skip adding oil or seasoning if you want. The packaging makes it easy to store and easy to carry than a large bag of popcorns.

Orville Redenbacher’s:

These best popcorn kernels come in a large jug which makes them easy to use, convenient for every use and easy to store. The round yellow kernels give beautifully popped popcorns which have a beautiful aroma and flavor. The pops are fluffy, light and are shaped and sized uniformly. These pops also don’t have a chewy texture or hard bits and don’t get hard or are un-evenly popped.

Franklin’s Gourmet Movie Theater Popcorn:

These popcorns come in a small portion of two ounces measured packet, have strictly organic ingredients that uses no animal fats or gluten. These popcorns are best for people with dietary or health issues or people with certain allergies to some ingredients. These popcorn’s small packaging enables one to toss them in the bag and bring with them on a hiking trip.

The packet comes with three portions each one containing oil, kernels and seasoning in either of the compartments allowing easy accessibility and usage and avoidance of spilling or creating a mess.

Franklin’s kernels are organic, non-GMO, soy-free Gluten-free, peanut-free, Kosher and Vegan ensuring a healthy snack.

The oil used in Franklin’s kernel pops is 100% coconut oil which makes the popcorn tasty and healthy.

Snappy White Popcorn:

These popcorns come in a 4 pound jar which means that you can make however much as you want without wasting kernels or having to worry about cutting portions to packaging to make for a large group of people. These kernels are made from whole grain which means they are high in fiber and low in fats which makes a healthy snack.

The white, evenly popped kernels, having no oils or seasoning, allows you to customize your flavor however you like. No oil also ensures a healthy snack. The jar also comes with instructions on how to make crunch popcorns so you can make yummy cinnamon pops and enjoy with your family and friends.


These are some of our favorite picked kernels pops that we love. Now that you have reviews and our approval, you should try them and tell us which one you liked best.

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