Best Word Games for Android Tablets

One cannot say that tablets are the best gaming devices. They are pretty big for gaming and do not allow for the use of both hands when playing games. Phones are a lot easier to play games on because their size is not restricting and it allows for quicker and sharper movements. However, some games work well enough on tablets because they do not require any sort of sudden movements or quick reactions. These are word games for android, and there are a couple of best listed in this article for you to have a look through.

Fun Words

This has a fairly uninspired title for a game that is very simple if you know how to play. It is better if you do not know any Russian at all, and that way you can learn a little bit too. You are given several letters that appear on the page. You have to make up words with the letters you are given, and the game will check its Russian library to see if the word you just made up exists in Russian.

If you accidentally come across and create a Russian word, then you are given a reward. If you are wrong then you lose some of the rewards you built up earlier. Each of the letters that are displayed has a value. The value is derived from how many times it is used, so this may give you a clue. But, you are not allowed to do too much math or too much thinking, as the letters disappear after a while. If you do not use some letters in your attempt to find a Russian word, then you lose points for the letters you did not use. The points that you lose in the game are the equivalent of what you would have gained per letter if you had used the letter.


Blockudoku is a very interesting puzzle, which is not so easy to solve. The game contains different from the classic sudoku levels, where you have to collect the stars. You start at the first level of simple solving puzzles and then get to even more difficult ones. There are 3 modes: training – for solving 3×3 and 4×4 puzzles, Classic – for solving 5×5 and 6×6 puzzles, and Master – for solving 7×7 puzzles. The game has high-quality music that creates a good atmosphere. If you want to learn more about this amazing game then read the article Blockudoku.

7 Little Words

This is a fun little game where you are given twenty letters. You then have to make seven words out of the twenty letters. It is fun, up until the point where you have six words and cannot find the seventh. It is sometimes really difficult to find all of the words. For each word, they give you a clue. There are seven clues, which help you to get your seven answers from your twenty letters. There is an easier children’s mode so that they can get involved, and you will find that the game is quite addictive and mildly fun (at times).


The uninspired title is probably fit for a game that revolves around a crossword theme. It offers you a puzzle or a question. You then have to guess the word whilst knowing how long it is and a few of the letters that go with it. You can choose a different difficulty level as per your challenge requirements. They also have a Time attack mode and a Challenge mode–both of which are supposed to increase the difficulty and challenge of the game so that you do not become too bored too quickly.

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is a quite simple game but very interested. The game works the same way, no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned cookie clicker. This allows everyone to advance his level and try new features in Cookie Clicker. This game allows you to play and earn cookies with the help of your clicks. This is one of the best games that you can try if you want a game to relax or if you want to get rid of boredom. If you want to know more about this game then read the topic Cookie Clicker.

Angry Words

You do not have to shoot birds from anything with this app. It is a word game that many people find quite interesting. It can be played as a multiplayer game or you can play against a random opponent. The game is very similar to Scrabble, in that you have a bunch of letters on a tile and you need to form a lot of words in one go. You can go across the board in a straight line and any direction. People who are not advanced scrabble players may enjoy this game, and it comes in a multitude of different languages.

Escape from tarkov

Escape from tarkov is one of the best games for anime lovers. This game puts you in the real world with different troubles and obstacles. In this game, you have to be a respectable player to win the game. In order to become a respected player, you have also to complete some Escape from tarkov tips. Here, is a detailed article on this game Escape from tarkov, click on this topic to know more about this wonderful game.

Word Drop 2

This is a game where letters fall from the top of the screen and bounce around like fleas in a tumble drier. It is similar to many of the “drop” games, even with the fact that it is full of colors and exciting graphics and noises. You need to form a word with the letters that keep falling from the sky. You have to form the word as quickly as you can. The quicker you create your word then the higher your score is going to be. The game will check your spelling and comprehension, and help you to grow on both sides. It is a game that is supposed to be addictive if you can get through the first ten minutes without throwing your tablet across the room.