Brand Awareness: 6 Ideas to Help Businesses Get Noticed More

Brand awareness might not seem like a direct way to improve profits, but it is still essential to running a business. 

Thanks to the internet, there are multiple opportunities to raise brand awareness and build a name for a business, but limiting yourself to just online channels is not necessarily the best option. 

Combining offline and online efforts is a solid approach to making a business more noticeable. Below, you will find six valuable ideas for brand awareness.

Publish Customer Reviews

Let’s start with customer reviews. Shopping online means that you need to research information about goods or services. Blindly spending money and being uncertain about what to expect is not efficient. Sure, you can return the goods and ask for a refund, but it is still a waste of time.

Instead, it makes sense to read customer reviews and form an opinion about a product. Customer reviews build authority and trust, among other benefits.

If an online store is dropshipping goods, it can even import reviews that were already published and display them to add extra content on the site. Some tools can automate the process, such as Okendo. Alternatives to it exist as well. Get started with Opinew – a cheaper Okendo alternative.

The bottom line is that the more customer reviews there are, the better it will be for the business and brand awareness.

Collaborate With Influencers

People trust influencers more than they trust random corporations trying to shove their goods or services directly. After all, if people did not trust influencers, the latter would not be making money from promotional posts, nor would they have so many followers.

Brands are looking to collaborate with influencers and make the most out of their audiences. If someone sees their favorite influencer promoting goods or services, they will be keen to check it for themselves because it is endorsed by someone they like.

Of course, it is still necessary to offer quality goods or services to make customers happy. For example, they want to ensure that they spend money wisely. Otherwise, even all the effort a brand puts into influencer marketing or another method to raise awareness will be a waste.  

Publish Guest Posts

Submitting guest posts on established blogs is another excellent example of raising brand awareness. Not only that, but this approach will also help with search engine optimization and link building.

Traffic that comes from blogs is valuable by itself, but it is the fact that a brand’s name gets mentioned in a big publication that can take it to the next level.

It is worth noting that established blogs have standards and will not publish anything even if they do not charge fees. Hiring a professional writer or having someone in-house who can create the necessary content is inevitable.

Test and see whether it is more effective to publish on fewer but well-renowned blogs or if it is better to advertise the brand on more blogs that are not as well-known. 

Ideally, you want to get your brand’s name on as many different channels as possible, but much depends on available resources.

Run Social Media Contests

Social media that goes viral is perhaps one of the best ways to raise brand awareness. And there is hardly a more effective type of content than giveaways.

For instance, people love to participate in a contest when sharing or liking the post is the only thing they need to enter. It takes a few seconds, and they are part of it.

The more people share the post, the more the content appears on social media users’ feeds, which means that their friends see the post and get interested in participating. This creates a snowball effect and generates even more interest.\

Work With Various Communities

If possible, brands should spend more resources to work with local communities. For instance, there might be a charity or a sports event, which potentially means a lot of participants could notice the brand.

Becoming sponsors of the event, having participants wear branded equipment such as t-shirts, and other ways to get a brand out there will work wonders in letting those in the event become aware of the brand.

Appear on Podcasts

Podcasts are a good way to pass the time, but they also work as a marketing tool. According to Statista, roughly 30 percent of consumers trust ads on a podcast.

Hosts often promote various goods or services to monetize their content, and advertising a product to a relevant audience that listens to a podcast is an effective source to raise brand awareness.

Check for podcasts relevant to your niche and get in touch with hosts. Working out the details should not be an issue. They might even invite you as a guest and give you a channel to advertise the brand in more ways than just receiving a simple shoutout from the host.


All in all, it is necessary to create a brand awareness campaign and invest in it to ensure that a business gets exposed more and receives a bigger boost to its authority and other metrics to grow.