Bridge Race Review- The Bridge-Building Game

Bridge race has been developed by Garawell Games. It’s the first game that the company has launched with a publisher. The game has earned over 100 million installs within 3 months and is the most downloaded game launched by Garewall Games. Bridge race revolves around a pool and is all about constructing a bridge as quickly as the player possibly can. Other players will create hurdles by overlapping their bridges but the player has to restrict them. After building the bridge the player has to cross the pool. Infact Beach Buggy Racing mod is also a great replacement.


What does the game offer?


The game offers many features to the player. Among them, the below features are the most significant.


  • Collect logs & build a bridge 


In the game, you should keep building the bridges until the winning stage. You need to collect blocks of your colour and keep them on your chosen bridge. You should be letting others build on your bridge. To prevent them, you can hit them with less stack and drop their blocks.


  • Free to play 


The game of Bridge race is easily available on Apps Store and Play Store. You just need to download them and play for free. No subscription fees are required to play this amazing game on your smart devices. You can explore the levels and enjoy the simple gameplay without spending a single penny.

  • Power-packed game


You will get everything a player desires in a game. Here you need to avoid the set obstacles and race against the time. You will be amazed by the brilliant racing environment in the middle of the city. The gameplay is motivated by adrenaline and is a great dose of entertainment. The background music makes increases the fun quotient of the game.

  • Super Interesting gameplay


Bridge race offers the player which would connect the interesting gameplay revolves around a pool or waterfilled. The player will be given a color and the target of the player is to make a bridge that reaches the top of the map. Other players can overlap your bridge with their colors to restrict your progress, which can be a tough challenge for you so the trick is to be super quick. The first person who reaches the top will. It’s a truly fun game.

  • Bonus Stages


The bonus stages are a good way to grab maximum golds. Sp playing the bonus stages is a wise decision. Everything people collect in the bonus stage gives them a fat stack of gold coins. The players can spend the coins on colors, skin, and many more items. Watching a video allows the player to play a bonus.


Advantages of Bridge Race

  • Bonus Stages gives gold coins
  • Simple game form
  • The game can be played without any purchase
  • Easy to play


Disadvantages of Bridge race

  • Poor graphics
  • Too many ads in between the game




The game has a simple interface and almost every aged child can play the game. It’s an interesting game. The only drawback of the game is the graphics doesn’t meet the expectations of the players.