Buying A Tea Infuser: What To Look For And What To Avoid

If you are a tea lover like millions of people worldwide, you may be into fancy kettles, teapots, and pretty teacups. However, one of the essentials of making excellent and aromatic tea is having the perfect tea infusers to prepare your tea.

A Tea Infuser or a Reusable Tea Strainer is an absolute necessity. It’s simply a Tea Filter that saves you from straining tea leaves using only your teeth. These are cheap to buy, easy to use, and immensely enhance your tea experience.

Tea Infusers: The ones to avoid

These are the ones that you have to stay away from:-

1.   Novelty Infusers

These cute-looking infusers may seem funny, but they are not ideal for your tea. Most of these have a small chamber, just not big enough to place your tea leaves and give them enough space to twist and turn to release the flavours locked up in the leaves. With this, your tea would be lacking a lot.

2.   Ball Infusers

This infuser can be helpful if you want to infuse low-quality or small leaves tea, but just like the one above the chamber to hold your tea leaves is too tiny to get the flavors going. Another problem with many ball infusers is the large size of holes the filter has; this can be very problematic if you have delicate tea leaves, they will probably seep through and ruin your tea experience.

3.   Plastic and Silicones

Although these are made perfectly safe, they can still disrupt the taste of your tea. It’s similar to the difference you pick up while drinking water from steel, china, or glass containers. Also, cleaning these is a challenging task as it’s hard to remove the stuck tea leaves compared to a stainless steel filter.

Tea Infusers: Things to look for

These are the things you need to look for in an infuser.

1.   Basket Style

A basket-style tea infuser should be your goal; this gives you a lot of space to place those big aromatic tea leaves and enough space from them to turn and release their exceptional flavors. The basket provides enough room for the tea leaves to breathe as well.

2.   Basket Diameter

The size of your basket infuser should be an average that could easily fit inside your cups and mugs, too small and it would sink, too large and it’s of no use.

3.   Heatproof Wings

These infusers come with wings too, to hold the infuser with the rim of the cup. Look for double wings also make sure they have some padding to make these wings heatproof.

4.   Extra Fine Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the best option out there; it won’t rust or go anywhere for a few years. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean. And an extra-fine mesh can filter your tea perfectly.

5.   A Lid

Be sure to check if the infuser your purchase comes with a lid; this can be extremely helpful in office environments and keeping your surface drip-free as a whole.

In short, your entire tea experience is dependent on the infuser you choose. So, choose wisely!

Tea Filter and its benefits:

A good Tea filter is essential for an outstanding tea experience. But, first, you have to look for the right one, so you get to enjoy your tea. The difference in many tea filters is the material they use and the size of the holes in the mesh. Stainless steel, like mentioned above, is the right choice because through that, you will get not only the durability of the steel for a few years but also the fine holes that will filter your tea perfectly—ending with a beautiful rich cup of tea for yourself.

Reusable Tea Strainer and its benefits

One of the most significant differences between a reusable tea strainer and a filter is its usage.  A Reusable Tea Strainer is used for large amounts of tea and almost serves the same purpose. A strainer made up of good material, with enough space and fine holes, is enough to give you a good cup of tea. The tea leaves are directly added to the pot in traditionally made tea and then strained out later, so you don’t end up getting bits of tea leaves in your tea and ultimately hating your tea. A reusable tea strainer can help you with that and is reusable, as the name suggests.

Benefits of Tea Infuser

A Tea Infuser is a beneficial tool for tea lovers out there. It can help you brew your cup of tea with a variety of tea blends. A tea infuser works and gives benefits similar to a teabag. Just like a teabag has the tea leaves packed in a bag, a tea infuser can do that for you. A significant advantage of using tea infusers is that it isn’t limited to a single flavor or doesn’t bind you to stick to one. You can quickly try your blends, mix and match, and brew your cup anytime you want.

In short, your entire tea experience is dependent on the infuser you choose. So, choose wisely!