Cable TV in the Modern Era

Undoubtedly, video-on-demand has been receiving quite an acclamation in the past few years. A large number of people have been moving towards streaming services. This may lead some to think that cable TV might become a thing of the past. But there is a silver lining for all those in favor of this traditional way of watching TV.

The global pandemic impacted the lives of thousands in multiple ways. People started adopting habits that they never thought they would. Everyone was adjusting to the new normal. A new trend that emerged was in cable TV. 

In this article, we are going to explore where cable TV stands in the modern era.  

Is Cable TV dying?

For the longest time, we had been hearing that cable TV is dying and it is going obsolete. But is that really the case? With the advancements in technology, cable TV has also been welcoming new changes in order to facilitate the consumers. 

Many cable providers in the US have been introducing exciting features for their viewers. One of the providers – Optimum – offers its wide range of features to its users. You can catch your favorite TV shows airing on one of the major networks by simply subscribing to Optimum cables. Their channel range is incredible and varies with the package you go for. If you want to know more about their offer, we suggest you click here

The streaming services of video-on-demand like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc., keep on getting more and more popular. However, their dominance in the mainstream cannot completely overpower cable TV. There are still quite a large number of people who prefer the traditional way of enjoying their favorite TV shows in the present age, as opposed to streaming services. 

The resurgence of Cable TV in the modern era

There are some pretty clear signs indicating that cable TV is on the verge to rise again in the modern era. People who might be questioning its survival should now understand that the future is still bright and clear for this medium of enjoying one’s favorite shows. 

When we get back home at night feeling absolutely exhausted from the constant grind of the day, even the idea of making the smallest decisions sounds stressful, let alone deciding what to watch while eating dinner. Who wants to spend 10 minutes constantly going over the multiple options while their food starts to get cold? Not me, at least. 

According to one of the studies conducted by Reelgood and Learndipity Data Insights, on average, Netflix users spend 18 minutes of their day deciding on what to watch, which is twice as cable network viewers. 

Cable TV spares you of such exhaustion. Just turn on the TV and you already have a wide range of channels with different types of content, even the late-night infomercials sound interesting. Who doesn’t have a childhood story of sneaking out of their rooms, making a bowl of ice cream sundae, and enjoying it quietly with an infomercial on how to make your own pizza using The Snackmaster

Brands are now again leaning into the old tradition of late-night infomercials to give the taste of nostalgia to the viewers. The reason behind this step is to provide the viewers with the safety and comfort of the old times during the uncertain period of the global pandemic. It will resonate with the millennials and this could be a huge surge to cable TV in the present times.

Traditional Cable TV Fight in the Modern Era

For all those wondering if traditional cable TV will surrender to the popularity of streaming services, here is a piece of good news for you, cable TV is not going anywhere without putting up a fight. Large cable TV providers facilitate their consumers by offering up to 255 channels. 

For example, Optimum cable enhances viewers’ experience with their three different plans. Each plan comes with a massive collection of channels at an affordable price rate. It is an innovation that allows you to watch TV the way you want to. You can record up to 15 shows at the same time. Watching sports but need to get the pizza delivery? Hit the pause button, the game will be there waiting for you to come back and replay. 

This gives you what you want with the touch of the traditional way of watching your TV. One of the reasons why cable TV is preferable by many is the return of major sports franchises on cable TV. NBA, NFL, and MLB provide quite a large boost to cable TV whenever they resume their season. 

Viewers tend to go for the traditional way of enjoying football and that is watching on the big screen with cable TV in the company of their friends and family. 

In addition to the previous point, 2020 was the year of elections, and the candidates heavily relied on cable TV and their ads for the purpose of campaigning. Moreover, brands equally used televised ads for their marketing purposes during times of this global pandemic. This provided a significant surge to this medium which was considered a thing of the past. 

Viewers Inclination Towards Cable Television 

According to one of the studies conducted by PwC, millennials find it easy to sit back and watch TV provided by their cable providers. It is not much of a decision-making task nor do they need to search for the show and then put it on. 

However, when it comes to streaming services, users have to search constantly and it takes up a huge chunk of their time, so the time to watch said content becomes significantly less. 

These are the people who do not prefer the lean-back experience of watching content, however, we cannot deny the fact that there is a huge group of people who prefer the streaming experience of choosing what to watch and when to watch.

On the whole, every viewer has their preference and inclination. It cannot be said definitively that cable television will forever be around. However, it can be said that both streaming services and cable television have their own supporters that can contribute to their popularity and sustenance. 

Final Verdict

This new digital world has umpteen options for people to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. Cable companies have their own perks and even browsing for content for hours can be considered a benefit by some. At the end of the day, people want to watch something and enjoy watching it, especially in the modern era where we are surrounded by uncertainties due to the pandemic. 

For this, cable television is introducing new and innovative features to make the experience more wholesome for the viewers in the present times.