A comprehensive guide to Clicker Heroes

A comprehensive guide to Clicker Heroes

clicker heroFor the first time of entering the gaming market, Clicker Heroes has attracted a large number of gamers. In order to help you play this cool game with ease, don’t miss consulting Clicker Heroes Guide below. No time for waiting! There we come! You can play clicker heroes hacked

As you know, Clicker Heroes is designed by Playsaurus – American game development studio. It also made Cloudstone – a popular MMORPG. The game’s main mission is to annihilate all of the hostile creatures in forests, gather a huge number of coins, hire powerful heroes, take advantage of special skills, and perform other wonderful tasks.

In this cool game, players just carry out an only movement; that is, click on the left mouse. Drag the mouse towards each creature and click to defeat it. Then click to take the coins. Next, click to upgrade the heroes. Generally, using the mouse is the key action.


The players need to kill enough 10 creatures in each stage in such a way that they might come to other stages. Use the mouse and click on them until removing their own HP. It’s quite simple and easy, right? One special thing is that each creature will give different prices for the coins. So, if the game is advanced, the worth of the coins will increase much.


Continue enquiring about all the heroes. For the first time, the players will control Cid to attack the creatures. For any damage, they will collect each valuable coin in order to enhance their own budget. Keep in mind that these coins are very useful to hire more advanced heroes as well as upgrading the current heroes. This game gives 26 heroes in total and each has different abilities. The most important thing is to take possession of all and take advantage of their own skills to defeat the creatures well.


Bear in mind whenever finishing each of the 5 stages, the players will take a great chance to face a Boss and their mission is to defeat him in less than 30 seconds. One horrible thing is that the later Boss will have more 10 DPS to the previous ones. So, please get well-prepared carefully before fighting against these dangerous Bosses.


Another vital task is that the players must accomplish the Achievement to improve their heroes’ competences at the best level. For instance, if they attain 25 clicks in 1 second, they will add more 3%DPS. Sound awesome, right? Look at the Achievement’s board and try to cover all well!


Hey, all game lovers. Are you playing Clicker Heroes? Is it simple and easy to play? All what you just do is to click on the mouse in order to defeat dangerous beings. By this way, you are able to gather a lot of valuable coins. Moreover, you also receive specific and nice graphical effects.


Well, we’ve discussed some particular aspects of this cool game, and you’re clear in playing it. However, you also know some rules so that you can speed up and gain a victory. What are you waiting for, guys? Go with us and explore Clicker Heroes Strategy right away!


A clear strategy to win Clicker Heroes

First of all, you need to know about buying heroes and upgrades because both are extremely important to knock out the beings. Keep in mind that we have to own a large number of coins so that we can purchase them. Take a look below now!

Players should level up each hero to level 10 and buy their first upgrade before going forwards.

Whenever having about 3-5 heroes, the players should come back to the 1st hero and complete his upgrades. Especially, they should level up Midas frequently because he owns awesome upgrades.

Upgrade Shinatobe to level 25 and Grant to level 25 before purchasing other heroes.

It’s not necessary to improve Brittany, The Great Forest Seer, The Masked Samurai, Athena, Ma Zhu, and Natalia because of their lack of upgrades. Just speed them up to level 10.

The heroes that don’t have enough 100% upgrade should be speeded up to level 25 before continuing.

Next, you should learn to take advantage of available skills efficiently. Try your best in order to receive the most excellent synergy between these skills.


Powersurge, Metal Detector, Clickstorm, Super Clicks, Metal Detector, and Lucky Strikes should be frequently used. If necessary, the players might use Golden Clicks instead Metal Detector.

Remember to combine Powersurge and Clickstorm to increase the fighting ability.

If confronting a Treasure Chest, be quick to use this combo: Metal Detector + Clickstorm + Energize + Golden Clicks.

When is the best time to ascend? Lots of gamers affirm that the ideal time is once the players have owned at least 5 Hero Souls. With 140 levels, they might receive 7-15 Hero Souls, according to primal boss spawns.

Here is a basic Clicker Heroes Strategy that any gamer should know before playing. What do you think? Is it obvious enough so that you could start? Don’t think too much! Go with us and relish this nice game now!