Create Edu Email In 2021 (100% Working Method) 

To create .edu email you should be a US citizen. Well, this is a myth. You just have to enroll in a university. If you are not a student or enrolled in a university there are methods through which you can create free .edu email account without being a student. There are two methods explained below, try the first one first, if it does not work then go ahead and use the second method. 

Benefits of .Edu Email Address:

 G Suite For Students

Google offers G-Suite for students which include a free version of Microsoft 365 applications like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Skype, and Outlook. One more amazing privilege of 5TB of Google Storage FOR FREE.  The free storage, I believe, is the best benefit of Google Drive offered to the students. Having such a huge amount of storage for free and permission to freely store images, videos, and everything else for free is amazing.  

Amazon Prime: 

With free .Edu email you can get Amazon Prime free for 6 months. It gives a trial for 6 months to students and 2 days free shipping. When you create edu email you can save up to 90% on textbooks. With .edu email you can also get a free Amazon Prime Video Trial for six months.  

Microsoft Azure:

When you create edu email address you can also get office 365 online for free. This is a special offer to students. You can sign up to Microsoft azure student and get the azure cloud account with a free credit of $100. 

Create Edu Email – First Method

  • The first step is to follow the link, on this page you will see three options to sign-up with Email, Sign-up with Google, and Sign-up with Facebook. 
  • If you are a US citizen then enter your information and create an account. But, if you are not a US citizen or a student of any college, you can go to “” and create an account on this website for admission. 
  • After clicking on the link and fill in the information in the form that appears next. First name, last name, address, education, gender, date of birth, etc. 
  • Enter your email address; enter your US phone number. 
  • The next step is to enter username, password, add pin code.
  • The next step is to choose a security question and answer and solve the captcha below, then click on the create account button. 

Create Edu Email – Second Method

  • To begin this method, just fill in the application and your personal data. But, if you are not a US citizen then follow the method below to continue. 
  • Go to, select a college and click on the continue button and start your application. 
  • There is one technical way of continuing further is to select the term, select an undecided term and click on some random subjects and click on continue. 
  • Select the mailing address and permanent address in CCCapply account then click on continue.
  • For selecting the program, you will have to select the college degree time that should be 1 year before the degree for which you are applying. 
  • Select the GPA above 3 and select “A” grades for every subject. Click on continue.
  • Select none for US military status. 
  • Select “Yes” for California residents.
  • Select Random Program and click on OK.
  • Fill in the rest of the application form and click ok.


When you create Edu email you get a treasure, if you get one you shall be accessing a whole lot of amazing discounts and free services. We discussed two methods to create the .edu email address, if you are a student you can get it from your university or college, but if you are not a student, then you can use these methods to get one.