Data Storage: The Best Flash Memory Items That You Should Start Using

Data storage or memory capacity has made bounds and leaps over the last decade. It’s unthinkable that people can only use floppy disks that’s not even capable of storing files in megabytes back in the day. However, today is a whole different story. People can use storage items with large memory capacity and capable enough to store gigabytes of files in the present.


A small technological item for your computer has become a handy tool to rely upon transferring and storing data. With that, flash memory devices are keeping things convenient and lightweight. With this product, all of your important data will stay secure, and moving around is more comfortable. In addition to that, portable data storages are cheap, and great choices are easy to find. So here’s a list of the best flash memory items that you should start using.

Samsung BAR Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128 GB

The first flash memory device that you need to consider is the Samsung BAR Plus Flash Drive. They might be small, but flash drives can store a large amount of stored data. With that said, it’s better if a brand can create one with intricate designs. The visual of this flash drive is elegant and luxurious. The head is curved, and the finish is white gold, giving a beautiful look. A curve flash drive can provide them with an item that they can easily grip for many people. Choosing Samsung BAR Plus is also a smart decision because its transfer speed is 300mbs, and the capacity is 256GB.

SZHUAYI 1TB Memory Stick USB 3.0 Flash Drive Lightning Thumb Drive

Many people wish that they could quickly transfer files from their phones to their computers or vice versa. This flash drive is for the Apple users who are having difficulty doing the process. A double-ended memory flash drive is perfect for individuals who are working from their smartphones. After all, a smartphone can function as a portable hard drive as well.

SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Fit USB Flash Drive

Thumb drives are probably the most reliable form of flash drives that are USB type, and the design of SanDisk 64GB Cruzer is the size of a thumb. It might be hard to believe that it’s capable of carrying file memories worth 64GB, but you need to remember to place this device somewhere accessible because you might quickly lose it.

PNY U3 Pro Elite MicroSDXC Card – 256GB

In the past, 1GB or 2GB micro SD items are pretty expensive, but everything changed today. Nowadays, large capacity memory drives are more accessible and cheaper. This micro SD card can add internal memory for your smartphone, or you can attach this card to your adapter or whatever you will need it.


Since people are using gadgets or devices with limited memory capacity, it’s a great help to use flash memory items. With that, they can easily store their data from their smartphone to a computer or vice versa. Because some of these items are portable, people can easily carry them in their pockets or somewhere convenient and safe.