Implementing Desk Booking Software Shouldn’t Be Hard. Read These 7 Tips

Organizations are slowly and steadily moving towards hybrid and sophisticated workplace practices. It not only benefits the organization but also benefits its employees. Desk booking software comes in handy in such a work environment. It helps the workers book an appropriate workplace based on their work timings and requirements. The most important benefit of the desk booking software is that it reduces the real estate and the maintenance costs of a traditional workplace. 

What is desk booking software?

Desk booking software is an easy, one-tap solution for the desk booking process. It is the process of reserving the required workstations according to the current requirements of the person or company. Using desk booking software, employers can collect data on floor occupancy and modify the office floor plan. 

The benefits of desk booking software:

This is usually associated with a tracking and planning tool that helps the organization to check in and check out, work progress, and accommodate an additional workforce in the office space as per the requirement. It also allows multiple departments of the same organization to easily function in the same floor space.

Employees can also manage their work-life balance effectively with such a plan. It might even improve the morale and work efficiency of the employees. Their worries about socially distanced floor plans, contact tracing, post usage sanitizing, etc., are updated in the software. This makes the post-pandemic work environment safe and sound.

Common confusions before implementing desk booking software:

Implementation of desk booking software is the first step in effectively planning and organizing your office space. Companies might have so many confusions in the given process. They might be worried about which software to choose, whether the option will be compatible with their organization’s policies, and whether the employees will be comfortable using the same. Employees can also be confused initially about how to access the application. 

We must remember that this is not the first time such confusion has arisen in the organization. Every digitization effort came with the same confusion, but the ones who overcame it and took their steps had immense benefits from taking that leap of faith. The computerisation of offices also faced the two decades back; today, it has become an invincible part of the office. As hybrid work becomes the norm, the same will be the fate of desk booking software in the future.

Seven tips to easily implement desk booking software for your office needs:

There are some important steps or tips the organization has to follow before implementing desk booking software. These steps will help smooth your workplace into a new environment accommodating the organization’s needs. It should also consider the workers’ comfort in the process. They should also be on the same page to ensure the process is successful.

Tip 1- Draft an organization policy on the desk booking process

This must be made with considerations like what will be the new work schedule, for how long you will require in-house working of the employees, and whether to use the fixed personal computers or laptops as per the needs of the project. The most important thing to consider at this stage is the organizational principles and motto. Accordingly, the policy should be made. The policy should not be a namesake entity that must be enforced with full spirit even after implementing the software.

Tip 2 – Inputs from the employees

Human resources are the most important component of any organization; every organizational success depends on morale and combined efforts. Workers are not unique; each might have a different value system, priorities, and personal relationships. The new policy must be comfortable for employees; this will help an easy transition. A questionnaire or a survey might help in this process. An organization should also have an open ear to new and valid employee suggestions.

Tip 3 – Assign rights and priorities

All the employees cannot be placed in the same position in the organizational setup. Based on the job specifications and responsibilities, they tend to have different rights and priorities in the office. Accordingly, the workplaces should be allotted to the members. There should be variations in the desks such as hidden desks, viewable desks, and managed desks per the office’s needs. Certain zones might be reserved for specific members only. Prior planning is an important aspect here.

Tip 4 – Creating a code of practice 

It ensures the working of the desk booking software in the proper space. The employees can make informed decisions in case of any emergency with the code of practice. It will serve as a guide for the employees and ensure better coordination between different departments in an organization.

The code of practice will also make assigning shifts easier for the managers, who can decide how the tasks can be divided accordingly.

Tip 5 – Selecting and implementing the right desk booking software

The software selected for the process should be compatible with all the previous steps mentioned in the blog. The software must be user-friendly and also be efficient in managing several tasks. The software should also be compatible with other software and applications used within the company. It should also be price effective and efficient in performing the tasks. WorkInSync is a desk booking software provider with all the aspects mentioned.

Tip 6 – Training

After you select and install desk booking software, training the employees to use the system effectively should be the next step. The organization can use the help of the software provider to train the employees.

Tip -7 consistency is the key

The work of implementing desk booking software is a continuous process. Constant monitoring and management of the process is a need for long-term success. Time should be given to make it a comfortable experience for workers.

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