Hair systems for men are made to restore men’s confidence and lust for life. They are there to help you feel good about who you are and live life to the fullest. With this in mind, a frequent query is whether hair systems damage existing hair. 

The short answer is “no,” but it also depends on how well you maintain and care for your hairpiece. It’s crucial to understand the differences between the various hair systems you can choose from and what each one means for you. Let’s begin right away.

What Are the Most Common Hair Systems for Men?

One may immediately think of a wig as the first and most apparent hair system for men. This thick batch of hair is applied directly to the head and scalp, covering them entirely. But despite what many people think, wigs are not non-surgical hair replacement options. 

Significant differences exist. For instance, wigs are loosely fastened to the head and prone to falling off when being washed, brushed, or even when a strong wind gust passes. On the other hand, natural and non-surgical hair replacement systems can be attached to a person’s head and scalp through clipping, weaving, or hard or soft bonding. 

Each approach differs significantly from using a wig and is characterized by unique features. If you are considering getting a hair system in London and are worried it might hurt your natural hair, we will have to say no. 

While your natural hair will keep growing, there are some best practices you can adhere to to ensure your hair system and natural hair are as well-cared for as possible. The following are some pointers to keep in mind in this regard:

Reduce and Minimize the Use of Heat Styling Tools

Every year, as the chilly winter approaches, we will be tempted to use heat styling tools to hasten our hair’s drying and proper styling. This necessitates using hair dryers and styling appliances like curling irons and hair straighteners. 

The use of these tools should be minimized to reduce damage to your hair and hair system. One of the reasons for this is that the heat from these tools may soften and adhesive if you have a complicated or soft bonded hair system attached to your scalp, leaving you with a much less strong attachment and bonding to your hair.

Engage in Regular Maintenance

Another tip is to ensure your hair system gets regular care so it doesn’t hurt your hair and stays in great shape. This entails washing your hair and hair system about twice a week and using shampoos and conditioners that are appropriate for the type of your hair and hair system.

Choose the Right Men’s Hair System for Your Head Shape and Type

The final advice is to pick a hair system that is appropriate for your head shape and hair type right away to prevent any damage to your hair. There are only so many solutions that will be effective for everyone. 

Each person has unique hair that varies in length, texture, color, oiliness, thickness, and other characteristics. Once you’ve decided on a hair system, it should be ideally suited to your particular hair needs and regularly maintained using the advice mentioned above.


Selecting a hair system that perfectly satisfies your needs can be challenging and delicate. You can depend on New Times Hair to handle your non-surgical hair replacement needs. They’ll respond to any queries and ensure the hair system you select best suits your requirements and way of life.