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Public Smoking Ban: Major Step in Protecting Public Health

It is well-known that smoking is a harmful habit that causes detrimental effects to every organ in the body, including heart ailments and cancer. Smoking does affect not only smokers but also the surrounding people who inhale second-hand smoke. With the harmful effects of smoking, many countries have introduced the legislation of banning smoking in public areas to protect the public, smokers, and non-smokers alike. Many studies and evaluations of this legislation demonstrated that it is a step in protecting the public from the harmful effects of this bad habit.

The main purpose of the ban on public smoking is to prevent harm to the public, most especially to those who might be affected by second-hand smoke. With this law, many legislators also want to contribute to change the attitude of the public regarding smoking in public, especially in social places where smokers and non-smokers alike gather. In a recent study, it was revealed that since the beginning of banning public smoking, heart attacks were reduced by as much as 26 percent in a year. This result proves that smoking can also cause detrimental effects not only to the smoker but also to those who inhale second-hand smoke.

Although smoking has its negative effects, it cannot be helped that some still adhere to this behavior. Many studies have proven that banning public smoking has helped decrease the damaging effects of smoking, most especially for those who may be exposed to second-hand smoke. Legislators and people in the medical field alike hope that this event is the start of changing perceptions and habits of smoking in public.