Everything You Need to Know About Connected TV

There was a time when smartphones were introduced and they were seen as just a luxury. But in this current day and age, they are an absolute necessity. Just like that, smart television or connected TV is replacing the traditional cable televisions and becoming a mainstream appliance in households. But, many have wondered what exactly is a connected TV and how is it different from your age old television that has been in your family for a very long time. 

With a smart TV, you are served with a tonne of more options. That means that you can subscribe to Xfinity Instant TV here for live streaming and much more. So, let’s dig in and find out everything you need to know about connected TVs.

What exactly is a Connected TV?

Earlier on, we used the analogy of smartphones to portray the importance of connected televisions. Connected TVs are also able to be connected to the internet, just like smartphones. When connected to the internet, you have access to much more content than you would via cable. In addition to that, you’re not bound by watching your programmes exactly when they’re to be aired. With a connected TV, you can surf the internet and look at whatever you want to see, whenever you want to see.

There are loads of streaming devices available as well- Firestick being among the very popular ones. To know how to watch live television via your Firestick device, read here.

Should I be looking into getting a Connected TV?

Connected televisions are the way to the future and they are only going to get more and more advanced. Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and many more streaming apps are now easily available on these smart TVs interface. You can directly connect to them and start watching. Other streaming devices, sound systems and so much more- the connected TV is a whole new experience. If you own Alexa, you can even have that connection and command Alexa to turn on the TV for you. How awesome is that?

Connected TV is going to take everything you like about your traditional television and make it much better. Of course, they do tend to cost more but it is guaranteed to provide you quality and targeted entertainment for a very long time.

Connected TV advertising

Another important thing the users and viewers ought to know about connected TV is its different way of advertising. We’re all familiar with traditional TV advertisements- ads are played in between your episodes and programs. Most of you out there turn to your remote to change the channel because those ads seem to just never end. Connected TV advertising works a little differently. Rather than playing long continuous series of ads in between segments, connected TV ads are played before and after your streams. They’re ads that are no longer than 45 seconds that the users are most willing to sit through.

The newer generation prefers smart TVs over traditional TVs and they’re quickly finding themselves in more and more households. There is a minimum price jump of about $100 from a traditional TV to a smart one. However, this price difference is closing in which is why you too should be looking to secure one for yourself.