Explanation of CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2019 PDF

The science class 10 examination was held on 13th March 2019. Students will get detailed explanations and also the answers for all the questions that were asked in the Science question papers for class 10, 2019 from the internet websites. All the solutions are explained according to the CBSE marking style. The students will find it quite easy understanding all the concepts, made use in the solutions. The online educational websites provide vedantu cbse class 10 science question paper 2019 pdf

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CBSE class 10 science question paper 2019 explained

CBSE class 10 science question paper


  • The science papers were quite easy, in the previous year. Majority of the cbse students said that the questions were quite easy. The numerical questions came directly from the NCERT syllabus. The questions were based on the diagrams, attempted by many of the students. When it comes to Physics, the questions were asked from current and light electricity.
  • On the other hand, few of the students also felt that some of the questions were a bit tricky. Over-all, one can say that the science questions were quite easy. The cbse previous year’s question papers for class10 must be used for preparing for the cbse examinations.
  • The cbse question paper for 10th standard provides an idea about the kinds of questions that can come in the examination and also making the students aware of the actual difficulty level of the examination. The marking scheme for the class 10 cbse science papers will help the students for preparing and also estimating the exact marks the students may receive, following solving the question papers.

Explanation 1

  • The students were asked to select any one source of natural energy to heat the food. Natural gas can be employed to heat the food, for the reason that natural energy equals clean energy source, which doesn’t generate environmental pollution.
  • The cbse exam candidates were also asked to write the function of the voltmeters, present in electric circuits. Voltmeters are employed to measure the potential difference between the 2points that are present in electrical circuits. The teaching process has remained the same for several decades.
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Explanation 2

  • The cbse exam candidates were also asked about the image distance in normal human eyes, when the distance between objects decreases, such as 10m to 1m. The distance of the image will stay the same, due to human eyes’ ability to accommodate the focal length of the eye lens.
  • For seeing the nearest object, the muscles (ciliary) contract, due to which the eye lens develops into thick and the focal length gets reduced for obtaining clearer image at the retina. 


The students were also asked to elaborate on the activities of the pancreas. Pancreas also works as exocrine glands and aids in digesting the food. The gland produces enzymes for breaking down the nutrients and creating fat, proteins, etc. 

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