Express your inner designer!


Do you have a passion for renovations? Do you like placing furniture and shopping for interior stuff? Even if not, Roomtodo is the way to go. Easy to operate, our software provides a unique possibility to look ahead to your renovation plans and see how your apartment can turn out once you have all your wishes implemented. On Roomtodo, decorate your future living space, try and experiment to see what will suit your home the best.

One of the best possibilities in our program is a virtual bathroom planner. It is completely true, that once you have your bathroom done, you can already live in a place. Because it is one of the hardest and most necessary rooms for renovating. You have to consider so many details:

  •  the place and peculiarities for pipeline system
  • using underfloor heating
  • choosing between a bath or a shower
  • finding the tile or painting the walls

So many opportunities wait for you when you decorate your bathroom. But where come the possibilities, there also come the difficulties. Which wall color will suit the mood of the whole apartment? How should the pipeline be built in a way that does not take all the space of the room? You can see all of it in advance – just create a prototype in Roomtodo.

How is it used?

Easy planner 3d bathroom is a simple tool even for people who are not so good at computers. We worked hard involving competent specialists for sharing their experience and created an intuitive program for everyone. You can press on the items in the right sidebar and choose the one you need – and in one to two clicks the instrument can be used.

And one of the advantages is – you can try Roomtodo completely free of charge. A wide range of functions is available for users without a monthly payment.

However, if your project involves adding your own custom details, consider trying an extended version of the program. With a Pro account, the sky is the limit for your designer ideas.

Enjoy your bath!

A nice and warm bath is a commonly known way of relaxation after a hard day. So, it is highly important that you have this space decorated and planned in a way that can provide you with a calm and cozy rest. Light colors or contrast shades – it is your call. We can only help you bring your fantasies to life and see for yourself how different ideas might work and match. So, without further ado, just follow your passion and create the bathroom of your dreams using Roomtodo!