Finalize Your Exam Prep with Cisco 300-135 Practice Tests and Exam Dumps

In every certification exam, you need to go through a series of tasks to assess your exam proficiency and mastery. Cisco certification exams, for example, are no ordinary validation of your knowledge and abilities. These are high-caliber credentials that are utilized among all kinds of IT professionals, from networking to security and more.

Consequently, preparing for Cisco 300-135 must be done with utmost planning and dedication to ensure a successful exam stint on your first try. To make your training more effective, here are some relevant tips that you can follow through.

Keep updated with the new-fangled Cisco certification program

Change is definitely a key feature in the IT domain. This leads to better technologies and advancements, which are needed not just by businesses but also by professionals, academics, and such. And because of these changes, international IT organizations like Cisco had to adjust their certification program to guarantee relevance in their products and services. Hence, if you’re a data center professional wanting to get Cisco certified through exam 300-135, you should know that this one, together with all other CCNA exams, is only available until February 23, 2020. As a result, a new, combined CCNA test will be introduced to replace the current CCNA credentials such as CCNA 300-425 ENWLSD Data Center, CCNA Cloud, CCNA R&S, and others.

Continue prepping for exam 300-135

Despite the impending expiration date of the CCNA certification exams, including 300-135, you can still pursue the test. Cisco has prepared an easy transition from the current program to the new one. Therefore, if you have passed the exam and eventually earned your CCNA Data Center certification before February 24, 2020, then you will automatically be granted with the new credential that is equivalent to your current certification. So, just make sure to complete everything on or before the deadline for you to receive your corresponding certification and training badge.

Be informed of the requirements of CCNA Data Center

CCNA Data Center is probably one of the best validations of your skills in data center infrastructure, storage networking, network virtualization, unified computing, and such. It gives you the expertise and confidence needed by employers. And through its exam 300-135, you will be introduced to the core features and functions of a data center networking. However, it’s not enough to just know the basics. You need to learn about the data center networking technologies, hence the birth of exam 200-155. Therefore, you need to pass both exams to completely earn your CCNA Data Center endorsement.

Dig deeper to understand exam 300-135

Now, let’s get back to exam 300-135 and start elaborating some of its important features. This exam is technically the first stage of CCNA Data Center, which measures your understanding of core data center concepts, including physical infrastructure, networking, and storage. You are given 90 minutes to answer 55 to 65 questions. Cisco doesn’t provide the specific exam type, but you can check out their sample practice test to get a feel of the possible exam questions.

Start with your exam preparation

Design your own exam outline using the official materials given by Cisco. This means you won’t have to spend lots of time researching for the right prep resources because everything is easily accessible. One of the most recommended materials for exam 300-135 is the instructor-guided training that circles around all the specific topics you need to study. These cover both foundational concepts such as server components, OSI, TCP, IP, switching, and routing, along with some data center operations that are crucial in today’s businesses. Also, the course will involve discussion of both basic and advanced data center storage. Next in line is the practical training through the hands-on labs provided by Cisco VIRL Personal Edition and Virtual Internet. These materials are highly beneficial to polish your real-world skills.

Join an official study group

If you want to gain learning from other aspiring data professionals, you can make connections through the CCNA Data Center Study Group. This platform is downright functional in terms of healthy and constructive discussions, where you can share ideas and give insights to fellow database professionals. There are several CCNA discussions here that you can choose from. Plus, you acquire extra information from Cisco community managers, who are experts in various Cisco certifications.

Finalize everything with some exam dumps

Still unsure of your skills? Practice using exam dumps to further amp up your exam proficiency. Using dumps is like answering mock exams. These are composed of real questions collected from real individuals. And one noteworthy exam dump provider is PrepAway, a site with a complete range of exam dumps for numerous certification exams. PrepAway offers ETE files for Cisco 300-135 exam, which you can utilize to maximize your knowledge. They have free dumps as well as a paid bundle. The paid bundle is highly recommended if you feel your learning is not enough. This one has its own premium exam questions, together with some lectures and guides that you can add to your prep list.


The field of the data center is constantly evolving, so as the certifications needed to validate this IT domain. Because of this, you always have to strive for betterment so you won’t be left behind. Remember that competition is everywhere and you definitely can’t stop it. You just have to keep up with it and go with the flow with the aid of your Cisco certification. Become a competent and relevant data professional with exam 300-135 by using dependable exam dumps in your prep process and make your own mark!