First 3 Things to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect

You place an elderly loved on in a nursing home and trust that the nursing home staff will do their job to make sure that loved one is taken care of correctly. Many times, this is not the case and your loved one could be in danger of being injured. There are many ways this types of nursing home injures can happen due to neglect, today we will discuss what one should do if they suspect nursing home neglect. If after reading this article you think your loved one may be getting neglected, reach out to a nursing home neglect lawyer today. You will not be the first to sue a nursing home as these types of cases unfortunately come up more than you think. 

What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect 

The first thing you should do in these types of cases is take accurate notes and records of the events that led you to believe your loved on is being neglected. There are many things one should keep an eye out for when they place a loved one in a nursing home. Some of these concerns revolve around the pre-existing illnesses and diseases of the one staying in the nursing home. Let’s walk through a few challenges a loved one might see when placed in a nursing home that is not ran correctly. 

Patients with Alzheimer’s can run into many issues in a nursing home. These patients may often become agitated and or disoriented and can often get lost or possibly wonder off. A nursing home that is poorly ran may not know how to restrain these patients properly, or if they do not have adequate security it could even lead to the patient wondering off the property entirely. 

Patients with Dementia also pose a challenge to nursing homes that are poorly ran. The staff if not trained properly could get agitated with the patient and get angry with them. Or just avoid them so they do not have to deal with the stress of taking care of them. 

Often times, an elderly person is nutritionally neglected in these types of poorly ran nursing homes. The food could be not very appetizing, and the patient will not eat it, or it could be the wrong type of food for them which can lead to malnutrition. Another scenario may be if the loved one can not feed themselves, the workers may not take enough time to feed them properly and or feed them the right amount. 

There is also the risk of the residents abusing each other, it does not always have to be the nursing home staff. These residents may abuse each other sexually, physically, emotionally or verbally if not being supervised correctly. 

Pressure ulcers and bedsores are another common sign of nursing home neglect. If your loved one has trouble moving around and does a lot of sitting or lying, the staff should be trained to move them periodically to avoid these types of injuries. Often times this is overlooked and can lead to severe medical problems. 

Trips, slips, and falls – elderly people are more prone to falls, even so the nursing home can still be responsible if they fell for any number of reasons and were injured. 

Mismanagement of the resident’s medication is often seen in poorly ran nursing homes. Sometimes the staff is in such a hurry to move to the next patient they get medications mixed up or give the wrong dose. This could lead to worsening the complications the medication is trying to treat in the first place. 

As you can see, many things can go wrong when a loved one is in a nursing home, the next step you should take after keeping accurate records of the suspected neglect or abuse is reach out to a nursing home neglect lawyer. 

How a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Can Help You and Your Loved One

A nursing home neglect lawyer will make sure to start an investigation in a timely manner. This is to ensure any and all evidence is not lost or destroyed before they have the chance to review it. Also, they will be able to interview any eye witnesses that may have been present during the events while the witness is still available. This could be both the nursing home staff or its residence. After the lawyer has gathered all the information and evidence, they can then determine who was at fault. If it was the nursing home that neglected your loved one they will make sure to figure out what needs to be done to ensure it does not happen again. And then fight for you and your loved one to get the compensation you deserve. 

Lastly, if you believe this event that injured your loved one or any other residence may happen again, place them in another more suitable nursing home. There are plenty of online reviews and testimonials one can look up to see if it will be the right fit for their loved one. Regardless, if you suspect a loved one is being neglected in a nursing home, reach out to a skilled nursing home neglect lawyer today so they can start their investigation and get your loved one back to a safe place.