Game-Based Learning: The Most Effective Way To Improve Your Child Academic Performance

As children grow physically, their cognitive development also gets promoted. Due to this reason, children need to get the right kind of exposure. The sort of mental training that would help in developing their brain and exploring their full potential. Unfortunately, many children worldwide don’t get access to top-quality educational facilities due to several attributable factors.

A lot of schools tend to lack an advanced teaching faculty, due to which some children never get the chance to flourish and excel in their careers even though they possess the talent to do so. In light of these technicalities, game-based learning is an improved and effective learning method that guides students and children so that they can unlock their true capabilities. If you’re a parent who’s not aware of this particular method, this article contains the information you’ll need in order to Know More about Game Based Learning.

How Does Game Based Learning Work? 

When we talk about game based learning, we mostly refer to the online means that assist your children in getting a good grip on various subject related topics. The topics that your children typically study at school can be easily understood in your own home with game-based learning. All you need to do is look for a game based learning website on your browser, and you’re good to go. After you’ve accessed a game based learning website, you simply need to choose a subject. Secondly, choose the level of study, and the website will automatically direct you to fun and interesting quizzes. 

Are Conventional Means of Learning Outdated?

If you have come to terms with the fact that your child requires more educational exposure and mental training, you’re doing the right thing by taking a stand. We can’t ignore the fact that schools play a huge role in a child’s mental development. However, some schools don’t perform according to the parent’s expectations, and as a result, their children have to bear a heavy toll. Due to this reason, many neurologists and brain experts have proven that game based learning instead of conventional teaching does have a huge impact on the mental development of a child’s brain. So it’s safe to say that traditional means of learning and teaching are not as effective, at least in some countries.



How Does This Method of Learning Differ From on-Campus Teaching/Learning?

Game-based learning is a very convenient and fun way to exercise your children’s brain. Most game based learning can easily be performed on a gaming console and a laptop/desktop. Preferably you would want your children to work on a desktop in order to monitor their activities. There are tons of these games available online. For instance, Lido Learning is a well-known website that has fun and exciting activities related to various subjects like math, sciences, coding, and a bunch of other topics that’ll keep your child hooked.

Stress-Free Learning

Unlike schools with a strict and repetitive schedule, game based learning is simple to do anytime and anywhere. Secondly, in most schools, listening to an hour-long lecture can get quite boring for children. Long hours at school can easily tire out a child, and as a result, they lose their focus. Game based learning provides your children the freedom of learning at their own ease without taking a lot of stress on their shoulders.

Why Should Parents Encourage This Method of Learning?

Parents who are concerned about their children’s future should definitely consider opting for game based learning. Not only will it be convenient for them but their children as well, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic, who knows when schools might open again. Even if they do, you’ll be paying through your nose for online classes. Over the last few months, children throughout the world have protested regarding this current issue. Online classes very often tend to fail due to some technical errors in the system. For this reason, if you’re a parent reading this, it would be wise to encourage your children to get used to game based learning so that a solid base can be achieved.

Observable Results of Game Based Learning

After a few months or even weeks of game-based learning, parents can expect to see a significant change in their children’s thinking. The reason behind these changes will be since game based learning will have boosted your child’s thinking capabilities. For instance, quick calculations, better vocabulary, and critical thinking will slowly become your child’s forte. Not that they’ll become Einstein overnight, although, with the help of game based learning, they’ll be prepared for future challenges like college and postgraduate studies. It’s always the small things that gradually help you succeed.

What’s The Best Age to Introduce Your Kids to Game Based Learning?

The best age to introduce your child to game based learning would be around 10-12 years. During this time, it will be easier for your kids to relate to game based learning as they’ll have some knowledge of how a computer or laptop works. Also, keep in mind that it’s best to stay with them while they play the game as they may run into some sort of obstacle that may prevent them from playing any further.

All Things Considered

Finally, game-based learning has proved to be an effective learning method due to its engaging characteristics. The puzzles and quizzes included in game-based learning are quite fun to solve, so children often tend to stay attached for hours upon hours.