Garden Design Ideas With Children’s Play Area

Children love the outdoors and love to spend quality time there. Once outside, they are able to roam about and as a parent, you don’t even have to worry about them causing any damage to your interior decorations. It is an important part of growing up and it’s best if you provide them with the right environment for them to enjoy this phase.


Playing outdoors, heighten kid’s physical activities with an added advantage of breathing in the fresh air and while enjoying the brightness offered by the sun.

Some great ideas have been compiled for you to choose from and make your kids’ childhood a memorable and exciting one that when they grow up they will remember it with nostalgia. All the ideas are budget-friendly and a DIY.


  1. Butterfly garden: Creating a fun place for kids requires creativity and a sense of imagination. You can make the garden or the garden decking an exciting place for the kids to love to spend time and have fun by planting plants that butterflies are attracted to. It will give the kids a wonderful experience as they run after butterflies right there in the garden. Milkweed and purple coneflower are some plants that attract butterflies.


  1. An outdoor chalkboard. You can set up a big chalkboard against a wall or you can have it attached to the fence. You can also use it as a medium of communication by leaving instructions for your kids on it. In order to be creative and make it more entertaining for the kids, you can set up a whiteboard or plexiglass. This way, the kids can paint on the plexiglass using their wide and wild imagination. The plexiglass can be easily washed off with water using a hose. Plexiglass is a good choice as it can be used over and again.


  1. Use of tyres: Tyres can be used to mark boundaries of an area marked out as kids’ play station. These tyres are cheap to acquire and when arranged in a defined way, it will give a clear cut picture of the area dedicated to the kids. You can fill it up with gravel or sand so that the kids can not move it away each time they want to play. They might over roll it so far away that it will be extra work on your part trying to set it right anytime they want to play there. The tyres can also be painted with different colors in order to add a nice touch of brightness to it.


  1. Setting up a swing: a swing can be made available either hanging from a tree or through purchase. This is a great idea specially in the summer when kids have to spend long hours outdoors. It offers a place of relaxation and fun for your kids.


  1. Stepping stones of tree-stump: Tree-stump is an alternative to stepping Stones made from rocks or stones. This will be Adventurous for the kids. Hopping on it will be fun for them as they maneuver their way in the garden. They can be arranged in different ways. Say, it could be arranged in a straight or circular formation. You can paint each of the tree-stump with different color patterns to make it colorful and attractive to the kids. Children are naturally drawn to colors and they love to experiment with it.


  1. Setting up a biking ramp: wooden pallets can be used to build a homemade ramp for your kids to enjoy the experience of riding a bike. You can set up challenges on the way as they progress. It should be simple and easy for them so they would not sustain injuries while playing there. Hurdles can be set on the way so they will have to make quick turns of sharp bends. This will develop their alertness and attention to details early in life.