Get Free Publicity For Your Business

The emergence of the digital world has changed the landscape of the marketing industry. Modern-day business owners have moved away from the old and typical methods of marketing and in exchange have shifted their focus towards digital marketing. Consumers of today can read a business owner’s press release minutes after it getting published, such is the power of the digital world. Smart business owners of today use the best press release distribution services to reach their target audience directly and instantaneously.

What is a press release?     

A press release is a marketing tool with which business owners can promote their business/brand. By pairing press releases with the best press release distribution services, business owners can get coverage from a vast range of news media outlets as well as esteemed journalists. When compared to its counterparts a press release in the world of marketing is relatively inexpensive and can be considered free if a business owner decides to submit it themselves rather than going for a paid press release distribution service. 

Why are press releases still relevant?

Press releases have been around from the time when newspapers were still a growing business, but with the decline of the printed news media over the past few years many people wonder how press releases have managed to stick around. With the help of the best press release distribution services, press releases successfully transitioned from the print media to the digital media. It provided press releases with much-needed exposure that helped it become one of the most sought after promotional tools in the digital world.

Editors of renowned news media outlets are busy professionals who have to meet tight deadlines. Press releases can save editors a lot of time and energy as they can alert the editors of newsworthy stories and if business owners have put in the effort of crafting the press release properly then the editor can get straight to the publishing process.  Online news editors can also be found searching for press releases via emails as they can easily cut it out from the source and paste it directly to get an instant story with little to no edit required. 

HARO (Help a Report Out)

Exposure is mandatory for building a thriving business; unfortunately, small businesses don’t have the luxury to spend extensively on marketing. But thanks to a free to join social media group named “Help a Report Out” or HARO even small businesses can get reach and exposure. It connects business owners with renowned journalists and media outlets. HARO offers a mailing list that contains well over 100,000 esteemed news sources.

 Be it the print media or digital media press releases have been able to adapt thoroughly. Press releases have always brought in media coverage for businesses on a cheap and can provide potential customers to any business when required. Add all of this to their ability to be able to stand the test of time has proven them to be an essential asset to the world of marketing.