Great Prank Ideas using Prank Apps

Practical jokes today are being played far too often. With many unwilling to use their imagination to try new prank ideas, it’s no wonder pranking, in general, has become a bit stale. 

However, since prank apps burst onto the scene, playing new and original pranks have become effortless. And thanks to the developers making these innovative apps, you can play the freshest gags straight from your smartphone. 

We’ve rounded up the very best prank apps of 2020, saving you the trouble of installing the bad ones. Let’s begin!


OwnagePranks offers users the highest quality and most diverse automated prerecorded calls of 2020, surpassing, in our opinion, other similar prank calling apps such as PrankDial and PrankCaller.

Prerecordings vary with Prank Ideas suited for any situation – a pizza delivery driver with a huge order or an automated call blurting out random cat facts. Pranks are also segregated into different prank categories to make user browsing easier. Groups include Dating and Love, Top Performers, and Family.

To make a prank call, choose your prank script, select your contact number, and call. The automated prerecording chosen will then play once your recipient’s phone is answered, letting you listen in while their reactions unfold. 

Much of the app’s success is attributed to the wittiness and talent of the predominant voice actor Russell Johnson, who plays many of the prank characters also featured from the OwnagePranks youtube channel.

Other Features

  • Various accents offered in scripts
  • Well over 100 prerecordings containing fun prank scenarios
  • Remain anonymous throughout, as users are allocated a unique Caller ID for each call

Phone Booth Free 2 for iPhone

Want to pretend you’re famous to someone you’ve just met? While there are numerous ways to do it, none are more convenient than using the Phone Booth Free 2 app, exclusively for the iPhone.

This prank app lets you schedule hilarious incoming calls from a wide range of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, the Queen, and several more. 

Pretend to have a phone call from Justin Bieber asking you to listen to his new soundtrack or the Queen asking for fashion advice. Prank scenarios you create will be entirely up to you. 

Alternatively, if you want the prank to be more convincing and realistic, create a fake caller with a given name, contact number, and ringtone. Receiving fake calls from fake personal contacts is particularly useful for escaping tedious situations like a work meeting or a bad date. 

Other Features

  • Schedule calls instantly or later using a timer
  •  Choose from all iPhone ringtones and wallpapers 
  • Provides a missed call notification

Air Horn Phone: Prank App 

When being on the tail-end of a prank, the right thing would be to take the joke in stride and move on. However, occasionally when a joke is so aggravating, you’re going to want some payback.

The Air Horn Phone prank app is certainly the latter, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find many who’ll take this joke lightly. Like its title suggests, this prank app makes an airhorn sound right from a person’s phone when they least expect it.

To play this prank, press the “GO” icon and adjust the air horn sound volume to your preferred setting (we highly recommend sound levels to be low-medium to prevent potential harm). 

After setting your volume at a safe level, a dialing screen will be displayed, where the phone will attempt to make a fake phone call. Subsequently ask your friend to take the call for you and wait until the airhorn plays.

Other Features

  • Instead of a dialing screen, some devices will show a black screen 

Cockroach in Phone Prank 

If you have a friend who despises cockroaches, then this app creates a good jump-scare when animated cockroaches suddenly appear on their phone screen. 

To effectively pull off this prank, install the app, and hide it (if on the homepage) to prevent suspicion. Set the time interval you want the cockroaches to appear, ranging from 5 to 15 seconds and the countdown will begin. 

Once set, simply convince your friend to hold your phone to watch a video or read an email and wait for the cockroaches to start walking across the screen. Cockroach animations do an excellent job of replicating our creepy crawly friends to a tee. 

To remove cockroaches altogether, expand the notification bar, and click on the transparent notification icon. Alternatively, you can also shake your phone, which will give the option to remove them. 

Other Features

  • Playing this prank does not require connecting to the internet