Guide for Crypto gaming in 2021

NFT (non-fungible token) allows gamers to own assets earned in the game. These assets can be bought or earned in the game and sold for a profit to other gamers. In addition, players can be rewarded through cryptocurrency, which they later trade with other players. You can visit this site for a variety of play to earn games.

You can find an extensive list of blockchain games that are still in their early development stages in this article. Crypto game allows players to earn in crypto or NFTs depending on the time devoted and skills used.

Delta Rover: Rock Blast Shooter

The game provides you with the perfect opportunity to win cryptocurrency. With addictive gameplay of 148 levels, you can surely make the most of your time. In addition, the game features a variety of weapons, rovers, and much more.

You can avail of hourly-time-based credits such as cryptocurrency and in-game rewards like gems etc. The game also allows you to use different perks such as health packs, defense, and airstrikes. With boss-level challenges on other planets, while using cannons, the game is definitely worth the time.

Delta Rover gives you a fantastic interface. It is easy to understand and user-friendly. So you will have no trouble trying to get the hang of it. Just download and start earning crypto coins while having fun.


The gameplay of spinterlands features card trading, which allows players to own their collectible cards as assets. Additionally, the blockchain game uses HIVE while other games on its level are using Ethereum. Since Splinterlands is an NFT Game, players can buy and own collectables.

Splinterlands is extremely popular with constant game updates and new features. In addition, the game excites players with constant airdrops, upgrades, and new card packs.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is quite similar to Hearthstone; if you liked Hearthstone, you will definitely like Gods Unchained. The gameplay of both games is quite similar, which allows players to understand it better.

Players can buy cards collectible using Ethereum, which makes them their assets. Rare collectibles are often sold at auctions for high bids.

Gods Unchained has a very attractive marketplace through which players can buy and sell cards. It is quite understandable how Gods unchained is probably the best collectible card game.

Lost relics

The game is possibly the most playable out there. This blockchain game gives users an Enjin Wallet to use as an inventory. Through this wallet, a player can own and equip multiple blockchain items.

The game gives constant updates to users through which its community is growing stronger. With new items and collectible occasionally, Lost Relics is on the top blockchain games in 2021.

Axie Infinity

The game has similar gameplay as Pokémon, which uses Ethereum. In addition, the game has a frequently growing user base with constant updates and new features.

The game also has some of the highest-selling assets. Players are making heavy investments in Axie lands and mystic axis, which sell for a fortune.

With better scaling, the game has allowed players to make transactions without any fee being charged.

The sandbox game

This game is much similar to Minecraft and other voxel games. While the game is still under development, players can test out things and gain experience.

The developer also introduced a mobile version which is 2D. Through the mobile version, players can design models and add new things to the game, making the experience better.

The Six Dragons

The game is much like an adventure game such as Skyrim. The game allows users to collect and own assets and other collectibles. Since the game is based on the Enjin platform, it can help players manage assets.


These were some of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2021. Blockchain games bring a new emotion into gaming since they allow users to own assets and collectibles.

These play-to-earn games have allowed the gaming industry to earn and profit off their skills through a decentralized system.