What To Do When Your Hedge Trimmer Is Not Cutting Properly

What To Do When Your Hedge Trimmer Is Not Cutting Properly

hedge TrimmerVarious types of hedge trimmers are used to cut the garden hedge by the gardeners for best and fine appearance of the lawn. Some of them are electric hedge trimmer others are non electric you may also find cordless hedge trimmers as well. All of them work for the same purpose which is the trimming of the garden shrubs so that they can be moulded in a shape. But the question is that what if these hedge trimmers stop working properly. Here are some of the best solutions and actions that can be taken in such situations to get them back on the track.

Common Troubles That Are Given By Electric Hedge Trimmers

The hedge trimmers like Black and Decker 40V hedge trimmer and any other range are known for the quality of their fine hedge cutting. But there are instances when they stops cutting the shrubs in proper way, here are some of the common glitches experienced by the people using them.

  1. Sudden failure to cut the thick branches of the hedge.
  2. Consumption of the battery on faster speed than earlier.
  3. The two blades of the trimmer are not complementing each other and branches get trapped in between them.
  4. Trimmer is moving in a direction opposite to the force applied by gardener.
  5. Difficulty to stop the hedge trimmer while moving to other plant.

Reasons Due To Which The Working Of Hedge Trimmers Gets Affected

The improper working of the gardening tools like hedge trimmers can be caused due to the lack of care to the blades for a longer period of time or many other reasons as well. No matter whether you are using an electric hedge trimmer, cordless hedge trimmer or for that cause pruning shreas if you are not taking care of them it is normal to find glitches in their cutting. So if you want to have a long durability of your gardening equipments it is your duty to protect them from any sort of damage or wear and tear. Only then you can use them for longer time period to make your lawn and garden look beautiful.

  1. No greasing of the blades of hedge trimmers after and before their use.
  2. Keeping the hedge trimmers open in the air contact which cause the rust and corrosion of the surface layer of the blades making them less sharp.
  3. Improper management of the trimmers which cause the change in the shape of blades and branches gets clogged in them.
  4. Using these hedge trimmers after long periods of time make them less efficient.

All these reasons are responsible for the imperfect working of the hedge trimmers, Gonicc shreas and other products. It is totally useless to buy the expensive gardening tools if they are not handled with proper care as reduce their durability to a great extent. So whether you have bought ratcheting pruning shreas or any other Gonicc product it is your responsibility to maintain them.

How To Override The Basic Glitches Associated With The Proper Working Of The Hedge Trimmers?

Here are some common tips that can help you to know about how to override the major glitches experienced with the working of hedge trimmers. This is how you can enhance the beauty of your garden by using these trimmers effectively.

  1. Try to grease the blades of the trimmers and then use it, you will get best results instantly.
  2. If the blades are rusted then repair this corrosion layer for the best cutting of the twigs.
  3. Make sure to straighten the shape of the blades so that braches do not get trapped between the two blades.
  4. Check it out whether the cord is in best condition and inserted properly or not in electric hedge trimmers.
  5. Try to sharp the blades with suggested tolls available in the market to enhance their working quality.
  6. Try to keep your hedge trimmer on regular basis so that its efficiency can be maintained for a longer term.

This is how the problem of hedge trimmers can be lowered to an extent when it is not cutting the branches in best way.