Freelance writing, popularly known as creative writing is an amazing way for individuals to utilize their imagination, all it requires is great knowledge and some commitment. Whether an individual has studied creative writing, holds a degree for it, or is a passionate writer, they can show their expertise and hold on the profession and make a living out of it. Several amazing websites on the internet are easily accessible and let individuals earn just by writing for them.    

What Is Creative Or Imaginative Writing? Creative writing is a kind of writing that involves the creation of the mind, it is a term that covers several different writing styles and formats. This kind of writing is used for many things such as information, entertainment, and education. Additionally, many individuals opt for writing as their career choice such as professional college essay writers.  

Below, we have gathered a few websites for our readers which will help them earn incredibly if they choose to work for them as a creative writer.

Poets and Writers: This website holds several opportunities for individuals on their official website. Individuals can simply visit their website, click on the job they want to apply for and they will be redirected to the employer’s page.  

Writing Bunny: This particular website offers remarkable jobs to professional writers, they give them several different topics to write on and show them their writing skills through it. All individuals need to do is create an account on the official website, go through the test in which they check the writer’s suitability, and get employed accordingly. 

WeLocalize: This website requires a unique set of skill, this website wants the writers to translate the content in different languages and write according to that particular language.  

Sports Networker: This website is for sports enthusiasts, on this website writers have to write about different sports around the globe. This website looks for writers who can contribute daily and has experience with online publishing. All they require is for the writers to be familiar with word press and have some experience with SEO and you are good to apply on this website. 

Relay Pub: This website expects the writers to create a consuming story, brainstorm the topics and ideas, and write an amazing and unique story.

InBox Done: This is rather a full-time job, the purpose of this website is to hire writers for people who are usually busy and are unable to handle their emails such as businessmen or CEO of different companies. The writers who are appointed for this job are inbox managers who can work from the comfort of their homes and reply to the emails on behalf of such individuals. This company hires yearly and if individuals are interested in it they can apply on their website which easily accessible for all. This job requires each individual who applies for the job, to undergo a training period which is for a month in which they teach individuals how to tackle such situations and reply to official emails according to their client’s requirements.