The world we live in today is being data-driven and data science plays a major role. There are so many companies getting digitized day by day, which increases the demand for data scientists. The data scientists are responsible for extracting and cleansing of large chunks of data and further modelling the data. The useful insights acquired from the data are used to formulate intelligent business strategies to help the organization be the best in the market and profitable. Data science helps every organization to grow and become successful. Here are some of the reasons why it is a wise move for you to take up a data science course right now.


The world has over 33 zettabytes in 2018 and is expected to shoot up to 180 Zettabytes by the year 2025. With the help of the right data science training, you can take advantage over this situation and become a data scientist. The demand for data scientists is high but there are not enough data scientists to meet the needs. The field of data science will keep expanding every year and opting for a career as a data scientist will be the best decision for your future. 


Since professional data scientists with the right skill sets needed for an organization are scarce, companies are ready to pay huge amounts to hire one.  Data science is growing and so is the salary for a data scientist. For example, Airbnb  is offering around $170,000 per year and Walmart is offering around $160,000 per year for skilled data scientists. There are other popular organizations which offer as much as $350,000 per year. The data science training which you undergo is the  gateway to such marvelous opportunities. No wonder data scientist is known as the sexiest job of the 21st century by HBR (Harvard Business Review).


The work done by a data scientist is never monotonous and is not set in stone. Coming up with new ideas, planning and formulating strategies are done by every data scientist in his/her day to day life. The tools and techniques you use to arrive with an insightful output is up to you which means that you are free to approach problems in your own way as there are hardly any restrictions. Data scientists of every organization will help in achieving the company’s goals by being great decision-makers and overcoming hurdles in this extremely competitive world.


Almost all industry verticals require data scientists. Data scientists are not restricted to work in only a particular industry as they are free to move across various domains and try their luck. They can settle in the domain in which they are comfortable and this provides the data scientists with complete job satisfaction. There are various industries like finance, manufacturing, information & technology, automobile, retail etc. and the data scientists can choose the domain of their liking.

The data science course in Dubai offered by 360digiTMG is carefully curated to help the participants understand each and every topic taught by professional trainers in a simplified and easy way. The course consists of various modes of learning which will enable each learner to learn at their own pace, thus helping in easy understanding of every topic. 

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