How do you find the midpoint between two points and distance?

midpointAccuracy is the basic principle for completing mathematical calculations successfully. When it comes to completing mathematical calculations, even one mistake would distort the result completely. Midpoint calculation and calculation of distance come under the coordinate geometry umbrella of mathematics.

In coordinate geometry, users have to deal with points, distance between them, midpoints and other parameters as well. Midpoint and distance are the two key calculations performed in this case. Let us glance at each one of them to see how the calculations are performed.

Midpoint Formula

When you are calculating the midpoint, you have two sets of points. If you have the pairs (X1, Y1) and (X2, Y2), the midpoint would be calculated using the following formula.

Midpoint = (X1+X2/2, Y1+Y2/2)

With the help of this formula, the midpoint would be calculated. To gain more understanding, we can go through a proper example.


Consider that you have the following sets of points for which the midpoint has to be calculated.

(4,2) and (2,2). When you compare it with the formula mentioned above, the following values would be extracted.

  • X1 = 4
  • Y1 = 2
  • X2 = 2
  • Y2 = 2

According to the values entered above, the midpoint will be given as 

Midpoint = (4+2/2, 2+2/2)

Midpoint = (3,2)

Usage of an online midpoint calculator

When you are performing calculations manually, you have to go through a lengthy and tiring process. For instance, if you have to calculate midpoints for four set of values, the values of all four co-ordinates would be entered for all four calculations. Now, when you talk about manual calculations, there are multiple drawbacks attached. To start with, the calculations consume a lot of time. If you have to calculate the midpoint for multiple sets of points, the effort required would increase.

  • With so many advancements in the areas of technology and application development, you can easily get a quality tool for every task. Calculation of midpoint is not an exception. How does this calculator work? In an overall manner, the process is very simple and easy to complete.


  • When you open the link, you would see the text boxes for entering values of X1, Y1, X2 and Y2. All you need to do is enter these four values and the tool would calculate the midpoint.


Forget about Accuracy Problems

One of the major reasons for using an online calculator is accuracy. It is not possible to get accurate results when you are not using an online calculator. The chances of making errors increase when you have to perform calculations for more than one set of values. For instance, if you are student who has to calculate the mid points for multiple sets of values, it would not be easy to perform calculations for each set manually. You would have to perform each calculation with a careful approach. Along with that, you would have to recheck the results because the calculations would be done manually.

  • Using midpoint calculator is the best alternative available. To start with, you can save a lot of time by using this tool. Midpoint calculators are quick of they do not have reliability problems. In a short span of time, the midpoint would be determined. In addition to that, there are no chances of any mistakes being made. However, make sure that the values of X1, Y1, X2 and Y2 are being entered correctly. It is obvious that the midpoint would be calculated on the basis of entered values. If the values have not been entered correctly, the results would be incorrect as well. Thus, to avoid all kinds of doubts, make sure that the correct values have been entered.


Calculation of distance between two points 

The formula for calculating the distance between two sets of points is not complex as well. The following formula would be used for this purpose. Given below is the formula to calculate the distance between two sets of points.

Consider that sets of points are (X1,Y1) and (X2,Y2)

The distance between the sets of points given above would be calculated as follows.

Distance = √(X2-X1)2 + (Y2-Y1)2             

Interpretation of Formula

The points given below provide an interpretation of how the distance formula works.

  • To calculate the distance between two sets of points, you have to determine the square of the difference between them. Here, the horizontal coordinates (X) and vertical coordinates (Y) would be treated independently. Once the squares of differences have been calculated, you can move on to the next step.
  • In the second step, you have to add the squares of these difference and take a square root. For instance, if the square of (X2-X1) is 16 and the square of (Y2-Y1) is 20, distance would be given as 

Distance = √16+20

Distance = √36

Distance = 6

Usage of online calculator for distance calculation

It is impossible to calculate the square root of a number if it is not a perfect square. Even if it is a perfect square, you should know your tables to calculate the accurate value without using a calculator. Thus, the best way to determine the correct value of distance, using a quality online calculator is very important.

  • The use of an online calculator helps in cutting down the effort. If you are not using a dependable online calculator, you would have to spend a long span of time. There is no need to follow such a cumbersome process when the task can be easily accomplished by using an online calculator. By using a quality online calculator, a lot of time can be saved easily.
  • When you are calculating the distance between two points, you would be dealing with two sets of points. If you calculate the squares incorrectly or make any other mistake, the overall value would be incorrect. Thus, the point is that a quality online calculator should be used to calculate the distance. An online calculator benefits students, professional mathematicians, teachers and various other people who have to perform similar calculations.