how does laser printer work?

Know all about the working of a laser printer work:

I have seen people searching for the working of the laser printer. Although there are many guides available on the working of the laser printers, it is still impossible to get the best working steps of the laser printer.


Hence, here I am going to state the components that could help a user to know more about the working of this printer easily. It is essential to go through the steps before using a device.


Let us know if you have any queries about any component or wits working. We have also given some other articles about the working of the components of the printer. We hope that all are useful for our readers. 

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Working process of major components:



  • Printer memory:


When you send data for printing, the first job of the printer is to save the data. For this, your printer model uses inbuilt memory. The printer memory saved the digital files and read them how to print or how it will look on the sheet.



  • Corona wire:  


After the printer’s memory job is done, now the time comes to activate the corona wire. The laser printer will take a couple of seconds to activate the corona wire. This corona wire heats up and produces an electrical charge to activate the drums. 



  • Input tray:


Once the corona wire activates, it will feed the blank sheet to the printer from the paper input tray. The input tray is helpful to handle blank sheets and to feed it to the printer. 


  • Drum:


The drum is a cylindrical part of the laser printer. It is a coated metal part that activates by the electrical charge received through corona wire. The drums are used to produce an image of the digital file on it and to transfer the image to the toner. In the color laser printers, there are four drums of multiple colors, including cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. In monochrome laser printers, there is only one drum of black color. 



  • Laser beam:


The laser beam is a series of mirrors that reflect on the surface of the drum. The corona wire also activates it. The laser beams produce a negative electrical charge to give a shape to the image to be printed. In terms of how does a laser printer works, the laser beams perform a major role.



  • Toner :


Once the printer has read the image, and the drums have transformed it, now the next job is for toner. The toner activates by a positive electrical charge given by another corona wire. Now the toner releases the carbon particles onto the drums as it moves inside the printer. The toner gets attracted to a negative electrical charge and releases the positives onto the drum. The drums work with toner to print the image onto the sheet.



  • Fuser:


Once the sheet is printed, it needs to face heat pressure to fix the texts or images on it permanently. The fuser is responsible for the high-quality printing results of the laser printers. Fuser is a heat treatment plant which includes two rollers. The printed sheet passes through these two rollers to absorb heat pressure. 


  • Output tray:


After passing through the rollers of the fuser, the printing process is done. Now the printed sheet will come out at the output tray. The output tray handles the results of the laser printers. 


So this was the answer to your question: how does a laser printer work.  All the components play their specific and major role in the process of printing. You can see that the working process of the laser printers is more complex than inkjets if any of the components are not able to complete their job perfectly, than it will affect the results.


Buy the best laser printers from the market:

Although there are many brands and manufacturers in the market, still getting the best printer becomes difficult many times. Hence, here is the buying guide that one can follow while purchasing a laser printer.


  1. Check the accessibility and the features of the product before purchasing the one. It is better to go through the specification and check whether it suits your requirements or not.
  2. Check the price and see whether it is as per your budget or not. We suggest that if you are purchasing it for the office work, then check the quality rather than the budget of the device.
  3. Check the per-page printing coast. When it comes to printing bulk documents at that time, even 0.1 paisa also matters. Hence, check how much it will cost you for a single page and decide the budget.
  4. The cartridge price is also essential. It is because one has to change the cartridge every few weeks. Hence, it has to be in the budget of the buyer else it will affect the overall budget of your company.
  5. Check the after-sales services of the brand. Yes, the maintenance of the device has to be done properly. Hence, after-sales services of the brand matters a lot. Check whether the seller is providing proper guidance to the buyers after the sale. It could be checked by going through the reviews on the e-stores.


Hence, these things are essential to be checked before buying the laser printer.



1. Why is it essential to know the working of the laser printer?

The laser printers are working on a different laser beam technology. Hence, its working is also different than other devices. Working could vary from other brands. Hence, knowing its components before using it is essential.


2. Name the lasers used to run laser printers?

The diodes lasers are used to run the laser printers. When an individual sends the command of printing. The computer sends the document to the printer, and the printer prints that document by leaving laser beams on the paper. In this way, the diodes help in printing.


3. Why laser printer is a good option? 

The speed of laser printers is comparatively more than the inkjet printers. And, the cost per page is comparatively lower than the other printers. Also, the life and durability of the laser printers are more. Hence, it is advisable to buy laser printers over inkjet printers.


4. Is there any cartridge use in laser printers?

Yes, instead of ink, the cartridge is used in the laser printers that help the diodes to print on the sheet by leaving the effects of alphabets and numbers. It is a more feasible method of printing rather than others. 


Last lines for the laser printer:

We have mentioned the proper procedure for the working of the laser printers. We hope that now readers got the answer to their question, “how does a laser printer work?”


But, we want to let you know that there are a few manufacturers who are using some other techniques while manufacturing. Therefore, it becomes essential to know it before using it. The user manual is best to solve the other questions for individual brands.


We hope that our guide had helped our users. So, go ahead and buy the best printer for your office or home.